Next 3 drivers to Depart from F1 racing ?

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    Schumacher or Sutil

    Alianora La Canta

    I reckon Trulli (one race left to go, possibly two), Karthikeyan (one race to go but it’s later in the season) and Buemi (will last until either India or season’s end before being replaced by Ricciardo).


    Sutil- His season is starting to look very like Liuzzi’s last year Hulkenberg has shown he is a better driver that Sutil.

    Trulli-Chandhok replacing him in Germany? got to be a sign hes lost his race seat.

    Algersuari-A string of bad performances and has’nt impressed at all. may be harsh but i think he is really boring to watch.


    Trulli is apparently being dropped next race, but for Hungary he is going to be back and they’ve got a new power steering system which will hopefully fix Trulli’s problem. So he might stay for next season. Hopefully anyway.


    Who I’d like to see go:




    Who I think will go:

    d’ Ambrosio (money reasons)

    Trulli (ten whinges too many)

    Alguersuari (Ricciardo moves up)

    Heidfeld (retires for good)

    4 because it will be in the off-season, so hard to predict exact order.


    Barri aint goen no where.


    Chandok (replacing trulli)

    D’ambrosio (or how ever you spell it)


    Heidfeld – when Kubica returns thats it for him i think, like others have said though he’d be a strong candidate for a seat at BMW in DTM – but as far as i know, they have already 2 confirmed race drivers – i read it on Autosport a few days ago. So assuming BMW will run 2 cars initially in DTM, not counting customer teams if there are any, that may not be possible.

    Trulli – old news i’m afraid, Jarno is way past his use by date i think. If Chandhok does well in Germany this may be the end, depending wether you beleive Fernandes’ PR machine.

    D’Ambrosio and/or Liuzzi – D’Ambrosio isnt spectacularly quick, tbh i forget he even exists in races and ive never seen him above the bottom 3 rows as far as i can remember. IMO there are more worthy, non pay-drivers who could fill his seat.

    Liuzzi – as previously reported, could be replaced by yet another pay driver. Which is very sad as gaining an F1 drive shouldnt be about your bank balance and more about talent. But, thats how it is at the crappy end of the grid..


    Jarno, Nick, and either of the STR boys.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    So assuming BMW will run 2 cars initially in DTM, not counting customer teams if there are any, that may not be possible.

    They’re running six.


    Glock has signed a new 3 year contract with Virgin anyway so he won’t be on the way out


    I’d say:

    Heidfeld – Looks like they’re lining up Roman Grojean up from Singapore onwards (or whenever he wins the GP2 Championship, although I’m sure he’ll have the same problems as in 2009 when he flopped after replacing Piquet Jnr

    Liuzzi – Will get shunted out for a pay driver sooner rather than later, and HRT seem to like to use their maximum quota of 4 drivers per season.

    Trulli – Will go in the off season. Been complaining consistently all year, and Fernandes will probably want to stick in an Asian driver to help market Caterham over there (if not Chandok it will be another Asian).

    sbl on tour

    observations from germany, trulli, too interested in tour de france, liuzzi, too interested in eating pizza/pasta with his mates, alguersuari, too much of a pretty boy, not a racer

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