Next new winner?

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    @Lasse the whole point is to guess the next “new winner” as in “has not won before”. That’s the only certainty, he hasn’t won in F1 yet…

    Sir Ryanoceros IV

    Albon will need some luck or sudden improvement but he seems the most likely. If Albon is not our next new winner we will have to wait until 2021 I suspect.
    Longer shots for 2020 are Perez, Sainz, and Norris.
    If Lewis suddenly retires I would say George Russell.


    No Perez as first choice, a mention to @ryanoceros for the long shot!
    With the possibility to have yet a new winner next week, short term prediction should be Russell.

    Longer term, I keep Russell as #1, then Norris, Stroll or Sainz in that order. Logic being that I don’t think they will be any new winner in 2021, hence Russell as #1 pick for 2022 with Mercedes (if he doesn’t win Abu Dabi), then I think McLaren with Mercedes engine will be better than RP and Ferrari. Don’t see Albon winning anytime soon.

    Ben Needham

    The obvious choice now is Russell; either in Abu Dhabi, or in 2022, when surely he’ll be in a Mercedes.

    That said, with a reset due in 2022, will Mercedes even be the driving force (SPOILER: almost certainly!)?

    I’ll say Russell if he’s in the Mercedes next weekend – or Norris if he’s not!


    Had Russell won in Sakhir, I’d be tempted to say Perez in a Red Bull.

    I’ll say Russell. Not sure if it’ll be in 2020 or 2022, but I don’t expect anyone else taking their first victory beforehand – of course there’s a chance of a surprise.

    Sainz would be my next choice for 2022.

    Sir Ryanoceros IV

    “then I think McLaren with Mercedes engine will be better than RP and Ferrari”

    This. Lando Norris ftw in 2021 unless Gentleman George gets another ride in the Merc for Abu Dhabi. In the latter case we might have at least 14 unique podium finishers in 2020 wow!


    I am going with Esteban Ocon in the Alpine.

    I think this year will be a lot tighter, and I can see Alpine getting some good results, especially when the Mercedes and Red Bulls will struggle in some particular races.

Viewing 7 posts - 136 through 142 (of 142 total)
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