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    And the winner is… Pastor Maldonado! If you saw that one coming then hats off to you because I certainly didn’t. Unbelievable scenes. Grosjean looks like he will win at some point this season in my opinion, that Lotus is an excellent car and him and Raikkonen look very racey.


    I doubt anybody guessed that!. My bet is now Grosjean rather than Di Resta or Perez next year.


    Sauber or Lotus.
    Kobi or Grosjean in Monaco ;)


    Grosjean, Perez or Kobayashi to be the next new winner.


    My next bet for new winner has to be Grosjean.


    I didn’t see that coming!

    Logically it looks like Fat John.

    I think Di Resta.


    Fernando Alonso

    Craig Woollard

    Surely Grosjean will knock one in before the season is out… That Lotus does have the pace, but he got stuck behind Rosberg in the race in Spain, but if Raikkonen finds himself out of the picture on a track Lotus is good at, then don’t rule him out.


    I think Grosjean or Perez will be the next new winner, both the sauber and the Lotus are looking fast and very likely could propel one of them to the top step.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    I’m going to say Romain Grosjean, but I don’t think he’ll do it before Raikkonen.

    Kobayashi and Perez are also possible candidates, but I think a lot of that potential for victory hinges on the circuit in question and a couple of other results going their way. If it’s going to happen, thet’s going to have to happen soon, because I’m not confident Sauber can keep up with the development of the C31.


    Grosjean could win at Monaco. He seems to be qualifying better than Raikkonen and the Lotus is super quick in race trim. If he qualifies well and gets a good start, he could stay in front all day.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    @duncanmonza – I don’t know about that. I think Raikkonen is a much better prospect of victory in Monaco. Grosjean has the pace to win races, but I just feel that Monaco is going to be Raikkonen’s territory. I still think Grosjean will win a race by the end of the season, though. In fact, I think he’ll win a race before the end of the European season. I’ll even go so far as to predict that it will be in Valencia, Germany or Hungary.


    @prisoner-monkeys I think you’re right. I certainly hope he does win one this year, I’d love to see as many winners and new winners as possible.
    I reckon Williams will be good at Monaco and Hungary so maybe Pastor’s on for a couple more.
    Hopefully Perez can pull one off too, maybe in Canada.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    While the Williams is certainly competitive enough to win – last night was proof of that – I don’t think more victories are guaranteed. If it is going to happen, then they need to get everything right from the minute they arrive at the circuit to the moment the flag falls. If I had to guess where another victory might happen, I’d be inclined to say Singapore (since Maldonado was very good on street circuits in GP2), Korea or India. And I guess some of it depends on what they do with the second car. After speaking with Frank Williams, Mika Salo is apparently tipping Williams to replace Senna with Bottas very soon. I don’t think Senna has what it takes to win – far too many glaring errors – but if Bottas gets in the car and lives up to his potential, then I’d say he’s an outside (and a very outside at that) chance of a win.

    As for Sauber, I don’t think they’ll win in Canada. Perez’s best results have come on circuits with higher downforce demands. Sepang is an aero-reliant circuit to begin with, and the rain just made it moreso. But I think the team is still a little inconcsistent to start talking about wins without some outside help, be it a collision at the front or wet weather. I’d certainly look for them to be strong at Monaco, Suzuka and Silverstone, though.


    I’m not too sure on a new winner for Monaco. Tough ask, that one. We might see one in Canada, but I’m convinced the Monaco winner will be either Hamilton, Vettel, Alonso or Raikkonen.

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