Next new winner?

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    Perez will be the next race winner. Checo has these occasional weekends where he looks almost unstoppable. If not for his brake failure, he’d have been on the podium yesterday.

    Perez will have another one of his rare super drives sometime in the near future – and that time – it will result in a win.


    I have a funny feeling it could be Bottas and it could happen as early as Monza.


    I’m going to go with H├╝lkenberg :)


    I’ve actually been very impressed by Vergne lately. I was never a big fan of him (just neutral) but I’m really glad that he didn’t go into full-time sulk-mode after missing out on the RB seat (I know many drivers who would have coped less well). He has simply kept his chin up and has driven hard. We know he got beaten by Ricciardo quite often in their stint together but Vergne did frequently outrace him on Sunday. This year he’s been in the top 10 most of the time, and I don’t think he gets enough credit for it. If I was in charge at RB (armchair guru here) and Vettel jumped ship I’d give Vergne a shot first and keep Kvyat (who’s doing an awesome job) marinading at TR for a little longer. Anyway, in order of likelihood at the present moment:

    1. Bottas – the Williams is potentially so fast, when do they string a perfect weekend together?
    2. Hulkenberg – obviously ready, but I feel like it’ll take a bold strategy and controlling race to get it done.
    3. Perez – bit of a loose canon, but is often surprisingly amongst the frontrunners
    4. Vergne – I can’t imagine Toro Rosso winning this year, but he could probably do it.
    5. Magnussen – Maybe not quite ready and McLaren is blowing hot and cold and more often cold.
    6. Grosjean – talent wasted at Lotus. They we’re saying big teams were sniffing around, but I’ve no clue who that could be.
    7. Kvyat – Not yet. I have faith though.
    the rest less than 1 percent chance.

    Iestyn Davies

    Perez one stopping at Monza could make it happen.. a repeat of 2012. In 2012 he almost won at Malaysia, Canada and Monza…


    Force India and Williams should go very well at Monza, while Ferrari will be shocking as usual. :)


    Hulkenberg at Spa! :)

    Craig Woollard

    Has to be Hulkenberg. There will be one weekend where it must all come together for him and he delivers his usual excellent performance.

    If not Hulkenberg, Bottas could do a strong performance at Monza or somewhere should Mercedes fail again. And should either Lotus build a decent car next year or should he move to a top team, which I don’t see why he shouldn’t, how about Grosjean?

    Euro Brun

    I’m gonna stick my nose out and say no new winners for the rest of the season and go with Carlos Sainz Jr next year.
    Bit of an extreme punt, but few predicted Maldonado.


    if it’s gonna happen this year, it would be either Perez or Hulkenberg. The Force India is so good at alternative strategy. moreover Hulkenberg is consistent and Perez is capable of podium.

    even with their raw pace, I believe Williams pairing doesn’t look that good.

    if Lotus make great breakthrough (this or next year), I’d say Grosjean is the next contender for new race winner


    Bottas and/or Grosjean for mine.


    I’m not going to change my answer. Perez sometimes pulls a random rabbit out of the hat when you least expect it.

    Malaysia 2012
    Canada 2012
    Monza 2012
    Bahrain 2013
    Monaco 2013
    Bahrain 2014
    Canada 2014

    Dare I say it, his first win is almost overdue, not as overdue as Hulkenberg’s first podium though.

    Iestyn Davies

    Well, at this point in time, it simply has to be Bottas. Especially if he’s in the second best package this year, all it takes is for Mercedes to collide and him to beat Massa and he has a win, like Ricciardo last year. We’ll see the Williams hand at the final test..


    Nah, I suspect it’ll be Kvyat.
    I honestly thought he was pretty amazing last year, especially at Monza right before misfortune strikes.

    Kvyat winning would also mean that we’d finally have an F1 race winner who is younger than me, which would be a sort of the-end-of-an-era moment thingy for me personally.


    Change mine to: Bottas, then Kvyat
    Not entirely shrugged off Grosjean though, he has the engine now.

    Chances are getting slimmer for Hulkenberg and Perez

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