Next new winner?

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    Bottas is best placed.


    I’m sticking with Bottas. He came on in leaps and bounds last season.


    Will Stevens.


    These predictions have not been easy. When Daniel Ricciardo won his first race almost two years ago, Max Verstappen was just a Formula 3 driver. Right now, it is also very hard to predict the 107th Grand Prix winner. Still, let’s take a look at some of the candidates.

    Romain Grosjean: 10 podiums so far. Not many doubt his ability to win a race but he most probably would need to move to Ferrari’s ‘A team’ to be able to do that.

    Valtteri Bottas: 8 podiums. Williams have only the fourth best car at the moment so I do not see it happening this year. Does any top team still have an eye on him? Or can Williams build another strong car for 2017?

    Kevin Magnussen: 1 podium. Renault aim to win again but it is going to take time. Will Magnussen still be there by then? Or will another driver (Esteban Ocon?) have the honour of winning the first race for the ‘new’ Renault team?

    Stoffel Vandoorne: A very exciting prospect. If McLaren sign him as a race driver and finally manage to build a competitive car (with a competitive Honda engine) again, then it might happen as soon as next year.

    Carlos Sainz Jr: Will he ever make it to Red Bull?

    What do you guys think?


    Grosjean if he takes the Ferrari seat, Bottas if Williams get a decent upgrade for Canada and get a lucky break or two, Sainz if he gets into Red Bull or another top team (doubtful) or Wehrlein if he displaces one of the Merc drivers


    Well this is a rather old thread you’ve 2 resurrected.

    As an Indonesian seeing Rio Haryanto take the lead Winkelhock-style but actually keep it until the race ends would be interesting.

    Anyway I’d really like to see GRO take a win – he’s developed quite well from what he was in 2009 and at least a race win would sort of complete that.

    (no predictions from me though)


    Of all those I suspect Sainz will be in a winning seat the first.


    At the moment, only three teams (Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull) are capable of winning a race, everything else would be seen as a huge sensation. Right now it looks like all of them might retain the current driver line-ups for the next year although anything could still happen. McLaren and Renault are also expected to win races over the upcoming years. I will be surprised if Vandoorne does not end up at McLaren in 2017 and it would make sense for Renault to replace Palmer with Ocon, too. So these two could get their hands on winning equipment quite soon. For sure, there are too many ifs and buts so most probably I will be wrong. However, given the current situation & actual expectations, I am saying that Stoffel Vandoorne will be the 107th GP winner.


    I’m going for Wehrlein.


    The Enstone squad even in its weak years has a few exceptional races, and although this year they are too far off to get a lucky win, I think with next year’s rule changes Magnussen could snatch a win in 2017.


    Well, I’m not sure there is a bookie, who would take bets on Bottas now…

    Anyway, Vandoorne would be my second choice.


    @Girts Agree with that. Should be within a few races, really.

    As for Vandoorne, I think he’s capable of winning as soon as Alonso. When that is depends on the car, of course.

    Ben Needham

    The easy bet is Bottas who, as @Enigma said, should win in the first 5-6 races, assuming the Mercedes is the pace-setter once again.

    Having said that, if we are in for a larger shake up than expected, I’d guess Vandoorne or Perez are best placed and in competitive enough cars if a Safety Car/rain strewn race crops up.


    Surprise, surprise – the name of the 107th F1 race winner is Valtteri Bottas.

    Now all the current top teams have only race winners in their driver line-ups. Taking that into account, there are several possible ways we could try to guess the name of the next winner:

    1) Look at the teams that realistically cannot fight for race victories at the moment but seriously plan to do so in the future – McLaren (Vandoorne), Renault (Hulkenberg, Palmer) and possibly Williams (Stroll). Out of those, Hulkenberg and Vandoorne are probably the most likely contenders.

    2) Try to guess future driver changes. It is not too hard to imagine Sainz, Grosjean, Perez, Ocon or Wehrlein driving for a top team in the foreseeable future.

    3) Promising young drivers, who might make their F1 debut soon – any ideas?


    I say Hulkenberg in 2019.

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