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    Just thought I’d check this years prices and discovered that FanVision will not be available at F1’s this year due to “failure to agree terms”. I for one will struggle without one as I can’t always see what’s written on a big screen, so struggle to keep up with positions/pit-stops etc.
    Has anyone used the F1 Live Timing App on their phone before ? The 2012 version didn’t get very good reviews and the 2013 version is £23.99, so a lot to shell out for an App if it’s no good……..conversely, if it is a good App, then it would ultimately make a big saving on previously renting Fanvision which was about £45 per race.
    Thoughts anyone ?
    Thanks, Jacky


    I cant help you with what you have asked as i have never experienced either. However i can think up some lest costly alternatives you may want to consider.
    Firstly a cheap method that may work will is asking a friend to text you all the important pieces of information you need when they’re watching at home.
    Secondly this website runs a live comment section during the race that provides good text coverage of every part of the race whilst its going on.
    I never been a huge fan of these F1 apps and gadgets as i feel like they try to squeeze every last pound out of you for data that you can find else where, I hope these could be to any help for you.


    Depending on where you watch the race from, it could work out expensive to run the app (if you can run it at all). If you are going to a GP abroad, you have to pay international data rates to your provider on top of the app cost. The Softpauer app isn’t too bad, but much of the info can be got from websites if you have access, bringing me to my second point, access. With there being such a large amount of people in that location at the time, mobile phone signal is usually patchy at best and not great for data capacity meaning any apps/browsing solutions you will use may well not run very well (if at all). If you are lucky enough to have WiFi access at the event (not likely) then fair enough. Otherwise, it is not going to be anywhere near as easy to follow action on-track this year without the Fanvisions. Taking all that into account makes you realize what a great job they were doing.


    Thanks for the replies….very useful as I hadn’t considered the cost of running the App abroad or risking not getting a signal.
    I used FV at Silverstone and Monza last year and am going to Silverstone and Barcelona this year. Agree that FV were fantastic devices and will be sorely missed.
    Is it worth getting a decent DAB radio and headphones for commentary? I know that ordinary headphones are nothing like proper ear protectors for blotting out noise, so is this a viable alternative ?
    Is there such a thing as those “in stadium” commentary radios (I’ve got a couple that I use for cricket matches) that you can buy for F1 ?

    paul vinter

    I am at Suzuka this year in grandstand G1, the upside of which being affordability and the fact that it is on 130r, the downside being there are no screens at that location. I was banking on Fanvision when I chose the seats but no dice this year, obviously.

    So these are the following solutions I will be armed with – any other suggestions welcomed as I feel they apply to any GP abroad.

    1) Small netbook with an IP masking program so I can watch Sky online through WiFi or 3G. that of course depends on signal and bandwidth at the event. My netbook has a SIM slot in so I can pick up a local SIM upon arrival which will reduce my data costs.

    2) Smartphone to stream an audio feed from online. Again using a local SIM.

    3) I am wondering if a small digital radio bought in Japan might give me any access to English speaking commentary…likely not.

    4) Use an international SIM and ask a friend in the UK to pop their phone by their TV so I can hear Sky coverage live on my own phone. Shouldn’t break the bank at weekend rates.

    5) Listen to the local circuit coverage on FM radio and try to decipher it (they do not broadcast in English)

    Anything I have missed?!?!



    @mclarentastic I used the F1 live timing app on my iPad all through the Abu Dhabi GP weekend and I found it very useful. It doesn’t have many bells and whistles but the timing data is acurate and up to the minute. I combined that and twitter and I never felt short of info.

    EDIT: The cost issue @benh raised wasn’t an issue because I had a local data sim.


    possible other option i will be looking into! apartently you cant cant watch iplayer or sky go outside of uk but i found a site that at a cost of £2.99 for a week to watch these abroad! i have a tablet and currently looking into a pay as go international sim or pick up one locally. people at work have said streaming live wont eat into credit as much as downloading. im hoping that the cost of streaming both qually and race at side of track will equal that of cost of FV. i plan to get advice from mobile phone shop here in uk! now whether or not signal strong enough to this is another matter will find out i guess durring qually. dont remember the site for iplayer/ sky go abroad but will post here along with ruff est of cost. will be lost without my fanvison at abroad races. silverstone not to bad as they have a great fm radio broadcast that served us long and hard for many years. i have been spoilt by FV.

    vic x

    Alex green

    Ive always found that the 3g signal goes during the race,not sure if its to do with all the tv/press taking all the signal,id make sure you have a fm app on your phone and carry some headphones

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