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    It’s a little thing especially considering it’s a few mb of computer data but on tv ad overlays are a big thing and they made a comeback this season. We’ve debated the noise, the sporting rules, the cars, and Button’s fiancé, in sum everything that appears on tv but what about tv overlays and the FOM graphics (there’s more to come on those)

    The first thing that struck my mind last season was the return of rolex to F1… in form of an obnoxious fake banner. I would say they made roughly 30% of the banners you could see on TV last season, again they are present in 2014.
    The virtual banners we’ve seen last season are well made and not as obvious as the ones trialled at Monza and I believe hockenheim’s straights, perhaps it’s because those sat on the middle of the road but such experiments were made was almost a decade ago. Nevertheless why not make real banners.

    Poll#1:ad overlays, do you like them? Better for the planet…
    Prefer real ones?
    Don’t bother?
    Poll#2:FOM new graphics(numbers on numbers), do you like them(y/n)(more to come race day)?


    Well I think if the ad overlays are better for the planet as you say I would say that is surely better. I don’t know entirely what you mean though. (Do you mean on the asphalt or on a green scrren-esque area next to the track?)

    and as for poll 2 I don’t know what you mean by numbers on numbers but I do like the colour scheme and numbers, coulours make the team easy to recognise rather than just cars by numbers.


    Have you not noticed that on the last 2 year there are ad-overlays on tv? Mostly Pirelli banners that don’t exist, some appear at the pit-lane but often only work on one camera angle.
    #2the FOM graphics put the personal numbers near the race position numbers.


    I agree that putting the driver number next to their position was at first a little confusing, when they were showing relative times at the bottom of the screen. Like 6 77 Bottas – 7 25 Vergne. Hopefully that will seem more normal as we go, but it caused me to do a couple of double-takes.


    The overlayed ads really annoyed me last year, mainly due to the fact that they *didn’t quite* work seamlessly and would sometimes move slightly independently of how the camera was tracking. Plus, there are usually only 4 or 5 trackside sponsors anyway, so the chances are we already know that Rolex, Pirelli or whoever already have a strong advertising presence at the track without having to resort to phantom ads that disappear between camera angles.

    That being said, I really didn’t mind them so much in this race. Only time they looked particularly odd was during qualifying when some clouds of dust passed in front of the Rolex ad, which confused the overlay a bit.

    As for the driver numbers on the FOM graphics, I didn’t mind them and I got used to them fairly quickly. They aren’t too helpful in identifying drivers though, as driver numbers aren’t the easiest things to spot on some of the cars.


    Trouble with the ads is there are way too many long, lingering shots of a bridge with Pirelli or Rollox on it, instead of a camera angle that gives any impression of speed. There’s some decent innovation going on with the rotating onboard shots (the one on Bottas’ front wing was used well) and some interesting angles just above the pits – but F1 needs more cameras down at a trackside level.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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