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    Are these all F1 drivers who started more CART races than they did F1 races?


    @fintard96 They may be but there must be hundreds of drivers for whom that’s the case – this is a bit more specific.

    Euro Brun

    Is it a topical question?
    Do they all have at least one Indy 500 pole?


    @Eurobrun They are indeed all F1 drivers who’ve started the Indy 500 from pole position!

    Over to you…


    OK as @eurobrun hasn’t replied yet I’m going to be cheeky and throw out another one. What connects these four drivers:

    Damon Hill
    Peter Collins
    Lewis Hamilton
    Rene Arnoux


    Are these drivers who raced for teams of their nationality?
    Hill – Williams
    Collins – various teams
    Hamilton – McLaren
    Arnoux – Renault

    Edit: If I’m on the right track I’d add on by saying that they won races for these teams, although for Collins it would be in a non-championship race with Owen Racing Organisation.


    @wpinrui Afraid you’re not on the right track there! There’s something much more unusual which connects them…


    @keithcollantine Losing titles at the final race of the season?


    @davidnotcoulthard That does indeed connect all four of them, despite the fact it’s not what I had in mind!

    The connection I was going for was that they all scored their first two wins consecutively – a feat Valtteri Bottas can emulate at the next race in Spain.

    But as we’ve got another perfectly good connection it’s over to you @davidnotcoulthard


    @keithcollantine Whoops forgot about this one – should’ve said this 2 weeks ago but I’d rather you do the next question!


    Very well then.

    Who comes next in this sequence:

    Sam Hanks
    Giuseppe Farina
    Piero Taruffi


    Could it be Bob Sweikert? All 3 drivers are grand prix winners who retired from racing in the order of the sequence and the last grand prix winner to retire from racing before Piero Taruffi is Bob Sweikert.


    @Ronanskie Nope, that’s not it.

    As a hint, the next in the sequence is that last in the sequence.

    A fan not a boy.


    So Farina won the f1 world championship, Sam Hanks won the Indy 500, Piero Taruffi won the mille miglia, so only the winner 24 hours of LeMans left, is it Mike Hawthorne?


    @peartree Afraid not!

Viewing 15 posts - 481 through 495 (of 837 total)
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