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    Pukka T Pie

    I’m guessing Vettel, based on how many WDCs each driver had when they signed for Ferrari
    Schumacher – 1 (signed in 1995 before he won his 2nd WDC)
    Alonso – 2
    Prost – 3
    Vettel – 4


    @pukktpie: not the answer I am looking for, but it seems to work, so I think you can set the next question.

    For anyone who still wants to guess my intended answer, I will give the hint that it is to do with race victories.

    Pukka T Pie

    @paulgilb – was Vettel the correct answer then? Currently trying to figure out another connection if so..!


    @pukktpie: no, Vettel is not the answer for my intended sequence.


    Lewis Hamilton

    Pukka T Pie

    The only thing i can seem to see is that Schumacher and Alonso managed 7 wins during their first WDC year, whereas Prost and Vettel managed 5 each during theirs… or am i getting colder..?
    I’ll take the next question, but only if i manage to get this right first!


    @peartree: not correct.

    : my intended answer does not relate to World Championships :)


    @paulgilb I think we’ll have to draw a line under this one. Would you like me to propose a new question?


    @keithcollantine: indeed you can!

    The answer to my question was Stirling Moss (drivers to have won races with 2, 3, 4, and 5 different constructors).


    @paulgilb That’s a really good question – shame no one got it. I’m going to try harder next time…

    OK here’s mine. What’s the next in this sequence:

    Fisichella (Raikkonen)
    Alonso (Raikkonen)
    Raikkonen (Fisichella)

    Ben Needham

    First thought was something to do with lead changes on the last lap…

    Raikkonen overtaking Fisichella at Suzuka 2005, Alonso “overtaking” Raikkonen at the Nurburgring 2005… but can’t remember Fisichella overtaking Raikkonen on the last lap of a race, so that’s that dead!

    Will keep thinking…

    Ben Needham

    Just in case, I’ll go for:

    Button (Vettel).



    Can’t remember Fisichella overtaking Raikkonen on the last lap of a race


    Maybe this will help…

    Ben Needham

    @matthijs – you’re a star! Can’t believe I forgot about that race.

    Let’s see if “Button (Vettel)” is correct… thinking of Canada 2011… though I’m sure there must be one in between 2005 and 2011 somewhere… I think Massa blew up before the last lap in Hungary 2008. I’ll stick with “Button (Vettel)”.

    Christopher Rehn

    Well, how about Schumacher (Barrichello) then? Was it not Austria sometime around 2004?

Viewing 15 posts - 571 through 585 (of 837 total)
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