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    Alright, I’ll try my luck, but I’ll let someone else write a new quiz if it’s correct.

    They are one time F1 race winners in chronological order (1st one being Johnnie Parsons) – technically only those who won a race driving alone, because Luigi Fagioli won between Wallard and Taruffi, but he shared cars with Fangio and Fagioli himself was 11th at the checkered flag.
    So if we don’t count Fagioli, the 5th one on the list is Bob Sweikert.


    I think I’ll just give it to @jackysteeg. I was thinking about the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th drivers to have won a round of the World championship with a non-F1 car.

    His list is different than what I had in mind but starts with the same 5 drivers (also he posted Parsons when I asked for Ascari. in both lists Parsons was 1st and Ascari 5th)

    So….on to @jackysteeg I guess.


    OK as @jackysteeg hasn’t put up a new question I’ll step in:

    What comes next in this sequence:

    1983: Keke Rosberg
    1984: Elio de Angelis
    1985: Michele Alboreto


    1986: Ayrton Senna

    1st pole of the season.


    All of which are at Jacarepaguá, my guess.


    @peartree That’s one answer but there’s a more cunning one too…

    Christopher Rehn

    @keithcollantine How about a little clue, if there’s a more cunning answer than the above? =)


    @chrischrill Fair point!

    It’s about a whole season, not a single race.


    @keithcollantine 2 podiums, 4 podiums, 8 podiums, 16 podiums? (MSC got 17 in 2002 or VET got exactly 16 in 2013)

    So VET 2013?


    @davidnotcoulthard Wow, that’s very impressive – it absolutely is not what I was getting at but it’s undeniably right.

    My sequence was simply drivers who took pole position in the first race of a season but never did it again all year. So the answer I was looking for was:

    2005: Giancarlo Fisichella

    Nonetheless, for that great answer I hand over to you for a new question…


    Thanks @keithcollantine!

    I think @peartree can have this one (or failing that I guess @jackysteeg can finally have a go). I’m not quite in the position to come up with a question and watch over the attempts at answering it at the moment


    OK as no one’s stepped in yet here’s a new one from me. Complete this sequence:

    Musso = 10
    Hill = 20
    Ickx = 30


    Is muscco a former f1 driver or something else that’s partially related to f1 in some rather vauge way? And which Hill do you mean?


    Mario Andretti


    @vettelfan17 Sorry I’ve fixed the typo. You’re not getting a clue on Hill though :-)

Viewing 15 posts - 676 through 690 (of 837 total)
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