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    Christopher Rehn

    Yasss, that is it. The sequence begun with Silverstone, followed by Hockenheim and Hungaroring. 20 is Spa.

    Your turn.


    1. Stewart
    2. Rindt
    3. Beltoise
    4. ?


    I’d forgotten about this thread!

    : Bruce McLaren?




    @thenikii And it only took me four-and-a-half months!

    The connection was the finishing order of the 1969 Italian Grand Prix, these four were covered by less than two tenths of a second. (Unless @thenikii has another, more cunning connection…)

    OK time for a new question – can anyone finish this sequence:

    28: Philippe Adams
    22: Eugene Martin
    14: Antonio Giovinazzi


    OK I think a tip is needed so here goes:

    There are two possible answers but only one connection.


    Hi Keith,

    Had posted this in response to you on twitter a couple or so days ago – anywhere near?

    They’ve all only started 2 GP; number is the number of days between their first and last GP start? However there are others on 14 days (e.g. Toshio Suzuki ‘93) and also some on 7 (e.g. Franck Lagorce ‘94, Bobby Rahal ‘78)… 🤔?

    Cheers :)


    @juniormoose Sorry I get so many replies on Twitter these days! But you’re right.

    The connection was these are the drivers with the shortest F1 careers who started more than one race. As far as I can see Lagorce and Rahal are the only drivers who started just two races, one week apart from each other.

    Over to you for a new question! (Or I’ll set another if you prefer?)


    OK I’m taking it upon myself to set a new question. What is the sequence and what comes next:

    Riccardo Patrese: Silverstone
    Nelson Piquet: Monza
    Andrea de Cesaris: Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

    Ben Needham

    I have two theory’s… one is to do with being classified but not finishing the race (I thought it was scoring points without finishing the race… though Patrese doesn’t seem to fit here). The other is around the Brabham team, which they all share. Struggling to tie in the track.

    I’ll continue digging!


    No one’s got it yet so here’s a clue:

    It’s about longevity.


    Michael Schumacher: Catalunya

    It was the race they celebrated their 200th F1 start.


    @geemac You’re on the right lines but it’s not the right answer…

    Alianora La Canta

    Rubens Barrichello: Interlagos

    I think it’s holders of the most races ever started, and the track at which they took the record.


    @Alianora-La-Canta I’m afraid @geemac was closer!

Viewing 15 posts - 751 through 765 (of 837 total)
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