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    A hint: these are the 4 most recent drivers (to date) to have suffered a certain fate. They are certainly not the only drivers to have done so.


    OK as the last one has gone unanswered for so long I rule it’s time for a new question here.

    What completes this sequence:

    1998 Japanese Grand Prix
    2001 Monaco Grand Prix
    2001 Belgian Grand Prix

    David Morgan

    I need help to solve this one!
    I am guessing that it is pole sitters stalling on the grid but have no idea who is next in the sequence.

    David Morgan

    any clues available?


    @onabike The answer’s not from the current decade…


    2002 British GP

    Ben Needham

    Could it be the 2005 United States GP? With the trend being that the pole sitter did not leave the line?

    Jarno Trulli took pole position in his Toyota, but did not take to the grid after the formation lap (along with most of the grid!).

    Christopher Rehn

    If the issue is “Pole position not taking to the start at the front”, then 2002 British GP would be correct. Assuming that stalling, or at least not starting P1 despite taking pole, is the connector and 2002 British GP is wrong, then the incident must have happened between 2001 Belgium and 2002 Britain.

    Ben Needham

    @chrischrill – am I missing something. At the 2002 British Grand Prix, Juan-Pablo Montoya qualified on pole, took the start, was in the lead and finished third…

    Christopher Rehn

    @ben-n: My bad, it was Barrichello who stalled. Your guess is very plausable, then!


    @ben-n Got it!

    This was consecutive races in which the pole position slot was vacant at the start of the race.

    Do you want to set the next one or shall I?

    Ben Needham

    @keithcollantine – great! Try this one… a little different and probably easier than I thought it would be!

    Robert Kubica, Nick Heidfeld, David Coulthard
    Sebastian Vettel, Heikki Kovalainen, Robert Kubica
    Jenson Button, Rubens Barrichello, Jarno Trulli
    ?, ?, ?


    Sebastian Vettel, Mark Webber, Jenson Button?

    I think these are the podiums at teams’ first wins, in chronological order. So BMW Sauber’s first at Canada 2008, then Toro Rosso’s at Italy 2008 and Brawn’s at Australia 2009. So the next (and last, unless you count Mercedes as a new team) would be Red Bull’s at China 2009.

    Ben Needham

    @imhotep222 – exactly right and your turn!

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