Pass of the Year 2012: Australian Grand Prix

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    @mnmracer all I am saying is that if rosberg hadn’t given him the space and they had collided everybody would probably think it was a stupid move!


    I’m going to say Vettel on Rosberg. Brave stuff, and it paid off

    Adam Tate

    Vettel on Rosberg for Australia. But the Kimi-Kamui battle was something special.


    @aus_steve it’s actually not the same. Outbraking someone down the inside is just about putting yourself as a massive barricade and stopping the other guy from being able to turn. With going around the outside you have to carry a LOT more speed. It needs the other to sort of recognize it coming too though. If they just took the whole corner at an early apex line both would just be punted off the circuit. Rosberg’s not too bad at letting people overtake around the outside though :P


    Vettel on Nico but Koba against Kimi was fun as well.

    Stephen Jones

    @raymondu999 that’s pretty much what I’m saying, just it wasn’t a traditional “around the outside” pass like one at a slow/long corner. Sure he outbroke Rosberg by miles (no easy feat!), but that was all it took, Vettel had the line for the next corner.

    Basically, I’m not discounting it as a good pass, It just wasn’t the same as clean driving around the outside then defending (like at most other corners). Seb outbroke him and that was it, pass done.


    1) Vettel on Rosberg: Great move in a place that’s very hard to pass on the inside, let alone the outside!

    2) Kobayashi on Raikkonen after the restart: Kobayashi-san’s so good, he overtakes former World Champions on the outside by ACCIDENT.


    Kimi´s pass on Kobayashi or Kobayashi´s pass on Kimi are far better than what most people are considering as the best pass…. I just guess that they don´t see wonder boy passing that much that, NOW whenever he makes one… it´s gonna be the “bomb”!!

    Kimi´s poaching of Kobayashi using Massa is a much smarter move and hence a better pass!


    @aus_steve When you take anyone around the outside that’s a hell of a move – Because if the guy inside maximises his grip on that tighter line – the phsycis of the situation mean that the guy along the outside will not be able to carry enough speed through.

    Vettel outbrAKED (not outbroke :P) Rosberg, but then still had to run speed through the exit. Usually you have two options. If the other guy runs a tight apex to defend against a cutback you have to run the speed around the outside. If they decide to push you wide you have to be a bit more patient and cut back the car ahead.

    Vettel still had to run the speed around the outside of Rosberg. Rosberg decided to cover the inside tight line against a cutback – but obviously he wasn’t using the maximum amount of grip he could have had on that line. If he was the physics of the situation mean Vettel couldn’t have pulled it off.

    That’s why passes around the outside are always special – because they literally defy physics; or the car on the inside is being too cautious.

    @jack22 we’re fine with you having your own opinion – but don’t rubbish others’ opinions as we don’t rubbish yours.

    Prisoner Monkeys


    Was Webber’s brave overtaking on Alonso in Eau Rouge not a good overtaking move?

    I don’t think so. I think a lot of people got carried away with the idea of a pass being pulled off in Eau Rouge, but they didn’t really consider the speed differences between Webber and Alonso, the way Webber had better tyres than Alonso, and the way Alonso basically let Webber through because he kne he couldn’t fight it. It was basically one driver recognising that he couldn’t fight with another and so deciding to keep his nose clean by letting the other driver through. It just happened in the middle of Eau Rouge. So the end result was that it looked good, but it really wasn’t that impressive.

    It’s a bit like the way everyone voted for Kobayashi’s pass on Button at Abu Dhabi in 2009 as the best pass of the season. Button had just emerged from the pits, so he was fuel-heavy and on green tyres. Kobayashi was light on fuel, and in the middle of a stint on the super-durable Bridgestones. Passing Button was an inevitability, but everyone got carried away because Button had just been crowned World Champion and Kobayashi was a rookie.


    How about 4 cars passing Webber off the start? Oh wait, that’s been done before!


    @Prisoner Monkeys
    While you’re correct, you’re focussing on this one example rather than on the question at hand. So what do you consider a great overtake (please include three examples, no one-off scenario’s that happened once in 50 years).


    Not an overtake as such but it would have been had Rosberg not cut the chicane when Webber went round the outside of him on Turn 11.


    Vettel on Rosberg, easily.

    Honorable mention: Raikkonen on Kobayashi. Yes, not the other way around.


    Kobayashi on Raikkonen was good, but I preferred Vettel on Rosberg, just because it’s near impossible to pass in that corner from the outside.

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