Pass of the Year – 2012 Indian GP

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    @pamphlet When I say incredible, I mean that it was spectacular to watch.


    Senna on Maldonado was quite nice indeed.


    Senna on Malders – great driving. You’ve got to have some balls to get involved in a Grosjean/Maldonado fight!

    Force Maikel

    Alonso on both McLarens was nice to watch, shame one of them repassed him in the corner. That could have been one of the best this year. Senna on Maldonado was nice. When I watched that I thought to myself: “wow where did that come from, if he wants to keep his seat he’s going to have to do more of that in the next races.”.


    Even if it was with Drs my favourite move was by Alonso on both Mclarens..altough he manage to pass only one car.
    Kimi tried a nice move on Felipe but choose the wrong spot just before an infinite straight drs-zone and then Felipe did his job.
    I liked Hulkenberg move on Sergio Perez and also Grosjean did a couple of overtakes during second stint.

    Matthew Lim

    Alonso on both the McLarens on the first lap,hands down


    Thanks for contributing, everyone. The shortlist will now be drawn up and the ten most popular suggestions from the year put to a vote.

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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