Pass of the year – 2012 United States Grand Prix

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    Raikkonen on Hulkenberg

    Mario Rui Silva

    IMO it was Button on Raikkonen..

    Raikkonen on Hulk was pretty good too, but hulk’s starts to go off the pace a few laps earlier..


    Raikkonen on Hulkenberg


    The point of the comment was not that Button was a gentleman. These men race crazy powerful machines in the one of the most competitive forums on earth. This has not been a gentleman’s sport in a very long time.

    No the point was, and your own video has Kimi saying so if you watch it, is that he intentionally let him go by and gives the reason for doing so.

    It was addressing the earlier claim for that pass as even good let alone great, given that the overtaker has a much better car and was intentionally given room in the end.

    There is a famous phrase in Texas that addresses this: Button “was born on third and thinks he hit a triple”. A reference to the American pastime since we are at the US Grand Prix.

    More than one person has suggested that Hamilton leaving McLaren was that he could not spend one more day he did not have to pretending to be merely Button’s equal.

    Don’t get me wrong, all of us here seem to dislike one driver or another, but every driver out here is so talented it is absurd. Reflexes and hand eye coordination to dream upon then having been practiced at the sport of driving until almost no one on earth matters but the two dozen not our own guy who we gripe at.

    I don’t say Button is not an amazing driver, I merely say I am quite sure Hamilton feels he is better than all of them racing today, let alone Button.


    @austindave I know it wasn’t your point. That was my personal point. lol.


    A bit surprised no one has mentioned Massa on Kimi actually. I’d like to nominate that one too.


    For me it was Kimi on Hulk, although we did see some excellent driving all over the field – what a difference to Abu Dhabi! For me that was one of the things that make this race so great, because it showed all the good of top racing drivers but hardly any stupid moves leading to crashes.

    I really enjoyed the battle between Button and Kimi too, even if Kimi left room, I am sure he wouldn’t have done so had he seen a realistic chance to keep ahead. Much like Senna said the did not block Maldonado passing him in the end, because he knew the move would come and the team needed the points.
    After all, making the guy ahead feel he just cannot stay ahead without making it an accident and therefore relenting has been part of the magic of the best moves forever.
    Massa on Kimi was a really nice move too as @raymondu999 wrote.
    Hamilton chasing Vettel and passing for the lead certainly belongs in there, even if it was done using DRS in the end. The fact it took what 15-20 laps to get there, makes it a memorable battle, just like Barcelona 2010 (or was that 2011?).


    Raikkonen on Hulk was pure ballls.. that turn 2 was the most difficult place to overtake on the outside, it was veery steep..

    i was on turn 3 and the whole grandstand just screamed of excitement.. moment of the race for me

    Matthew Lim

    In my opinion, it’s gotta be Massa on Raikonnen, or Button on Raikonnen.Both are amazing overtakes


    Button on Raikkonen, Hamilton on Webber or Raikkonen on Hülkenberg. Lots of good ones.


    Thanks for contributing, everyone. The shortlist will now be drawn up and the ten most popular suggestions from the year put to a vote.

Viewing 11 posts - 16 through 26 (of 26 total)
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