Pass of the Year 2015: Australia

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    It’s a new year and time to start a new series of Pass of the Year.

    Regular readers will know how the formula works: after every race we have a dedicated thread for you to nominate the best pass or passes. And at the end of the year the nominations are compiled and a list of the top ten created for everyone to vote on.

    We’ll get things started here by inviting you to nominate the best overtaking moves from the Australian Grand Prix. As always please try to include as much detail as possible – at minimum you need to point out which driver passed which other driver or drivers so your nomination can be counted.

    Add your nominations below, and take a look at some of the past top tens here:

    Top ten passes of 2014
    Top ten passes of 2013
    Top ten passes of 2012
    Top ten passes of 2011
    Top ten passes of 2010
    Top ten passes of 2009

    Craig Woollard

    There was overtaking!? I kid.

    Probably Ericsson on Perez. Nice little lunge that.


    I’d very much like to review those past overtakes, but almost every video has been removed or blocked by FOM. Utterly frustrating.


    Vettel’s overcut on Massa.


    Perez on Button – kidding, I’d go for Raikkonen on Sainz on the outside of T9 on lap… 10-ish.


    I have to say there were rather few actual on-track overtakes during Sunday’s race. Horrible.

    As the straights were always this short in Melbourne and so DRS was always going to be less helpful here, I think this primarily has to do with the tyres.

    The soft-medium allocation was way too hard for the track allowing for quite easy one-stop strategies which in turn killed strategic varieties. The aim should always be a situation in which two strategies are almost equally good and – as it must be extremely hard to nail – two stops at the very least to allow for more varied tyre sequences. And more varied strategies = larger pace differences = more overtakes.


    Ericcson on Sainz at the end. He went clean up the inside, a classic move that we don’t see much now, with a few cheeky sparks to top it off.


    I quite liked Ericsson’s overtake toward the end of the race on Sainz Jr, pretty quiet elsewhere…


    Ericcson on Sainz near the end of GP.


    Ericsson on Sainz Jnr at the end


    Had to look back back carefully but I thought Ericsson on sainz at the end was nice

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