Pass of the Year 2015: China

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    Nominate the best pass or passes from the Chinese Grand Prix for our 2015 Pass of the Year poll.

    Regular readers will know how the formula works: after every race we have a dedicated thread for you to nominate the best pass or passes. And at the end of the year the nominations are compiled and a list of the top ten created for everyone to vote on.

    Nominate the best overtaking moves from the Malaysian Grand Prix below. Please include as much details as possible – make sure to at least point out which driver passed which other driver or drivers – so your nomination can be counted.

    Make nominations from this year’s earlier races:


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    Verstappen on Perez.


    The most entertaining was probably with riccardo and kvyat but the best goes to verstappen on perez.


    Ricciardo on Ericsson


    Verstappen on Ericsson.

    Verstappen on Perez was also great, but the Dutchman was up against a car on badly worn tyres, which has made it easier. (And the Toro Rosso top speed disadvantage hasn’t even kicked in at the end of that short straight towards T6.)


    Ted Kravitz on Johnny Herbert in the paddock (on foot) because the race was sooo boring

    Alternatively Verstappen on Perez would be my pick


    Verstappen on Ericsson. Not the cleanest move but it was all on the brakes, as the STR couldn’t even follow the Sauber on the long straight.

    Remold Krol

    Verstappen on Ericsson

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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