Pass of the Year 2015: Malaysia

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    Nominate the best pass or passes from the Malaysian Grand Prix for our 2015 Pass of the Year poll.

    Regular readers will know how the formula works: after every race we have a dedicated thread for you to nominate the best pass or passes. And at the end of the year the nominations are compiled and a list of the top ten created for everyone to vote on.

    Nominate the best overtaking moves from the Malaysian Grand Prix below. Please include as much details as possible – make sure to at least point out which driver passed which other driver or drivers – so your nomination can be counted.

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    Bottas on Massa around the outside of T5. Has to be the best of the race. Phenomenal move… and in the same car AND same tyres? That is something that doesn’t happen often at all.


    Bottas on Massa is my vote as well. Same tyres, same cars, no DRS, it was around the outside, it was truly an epic move between teammates. Good to see Bottas get the result after a tough road back from his back injury.


    Bottas on Massa at the end, sweeping him from the outside!

    Noah Wheeler

    I think for skill it has to be Bottas on Massa at the end.

    For significance, it had to be Vettel’s pass on Rosberg at the beginning. The one that made everyone sit back and say “did somebody just pass Mercedes?”


    Although I don’t like him at all, Ericsson on Verstappen on L1 at T4. GP2 style all the way.


    Kimi passing two on the first lap into turn 4. I think he passed a Sauber (Nasr?) and a Toro Rosso (Verstappen?)


    There were loads to choose from, I’m gonna say Verstappen’s late dive into T4 against Sainz close to the end of the race.


    Verstappen on Ricciardo (I think). Very good job to go alongside in turn 1, then he had the inside for turn 2 and he squeezed Ricciardo at the exit of the corner, leaving him just enough space. Very cool move and I was impressed to see the confidence and the control that he has with his car.


    Verstappen on Ricciardo. Just so much confidence in the car and himself to challenge the leader of the two teams. Max has arrived in F1.

    Omar R

    Verstappen on Ricciardo, both for the skill (and guts) showed by the “kid” and because it is a Red Bull and I think that on a management level, Horner must feel “insulted” by that move (and that makes the pass even more special, considering how awful Horner has been behaving lately).


    Verstappen on Ricciardo
    A future star vs Danny Ric, who was seen as the best driver in the field last season.


    Also Verstappen on Ricciardo.

    It was not a legendary move but he showed maturity, spacial awareness (from both drivers) and car control. Also extra spicy because it was on a Red Bull.

    Honourable mention for Bottas for his move on Massa.



    Raikkonen on Bottas and Nasr wins it for me.


    Bottas on Massa!

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