Playing with the Hungaroring layout. Opinion welcome

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    Hi !

    I was re-watching this year’s hungarian GP, and i felt like playing wiht that track’s layout a bit.
    For some reason, I’ve always had a kind of soft spot for that neat little track, also they all say one cannot overtake on it. I wanted to address that point and tried some alterations.

    I like the 1st half of the track very much, so i didn’t touch it:
    Turn 1&2 are fine, turn 3 is tricky, turn 4 is nice, turn 5/6 is great, turn 7 OK.

    Then comes the slightly tedious bit.

    I’ve made a picture with the real layout (green) and my proposal (red).


    The chicane goes away, and makes place for a very hard left turn, opening into a long, fast sweeping corners section (right, left, double right). That leads to a severe left turn just before the pit entrance.

    I tried to respect the buildings and sand-pits positions, to minimize the costs (nice from myself, huh?)

    I think my changes wouldn’t affect the track length (maybe a tad shorter), while making it a bit more interesting.

    What do you think ?

    James Brickles

    To be honest, all that needs doing to the Hungaroring is to get rid of the turn 6/7 chicane. The actual race has established itself well now and if you compare it to these modern circuits, the track is one of the best on the calendar now.


    I mostly agree with James, but I do dislike the second to last corner a bit- that coupled with the last corner slows it down a bit much. The great thing about about Hungary is that it isn’t wider than it is long, doesn’t have millions of acres of tarmac run-off, or look so ‘perfect’ and spotless that it goes behind looking nice and actually looks airless and soulless. It has character, and even the smallest change the layout for the better would be a waste if it did anything to harm that.


    Chicane as turns 6/7 ?
    I refer at the chicane as being turns 8 & 9 :http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hungaroring

    So, yes, i drop it.

    EDIT: yes, i like the lack of huge run-off areas.
    All in all, i think we quite agree: chicane has to go, and the 2nd to last corner is bland.


    I like your changes, though I like most of the track as it is now. Considering it is often described as having a boring layout, it produces some great races!


    I actually really enjoy driving Hungaroring in video games. I think it has a nice flow, and Sector 2 is fantastic in particular. You can really push the car and throw it to the ragged edge.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    I like the new layout, but I think the slow corner after the chicane is a little unnecessary. I think it would be better if you opened up those corners after the chicane a little bit to make them faster, and tightened the existing turn 13. If you wanted to be really daring, you could connect turn 2 (the gentle right after the first turn) to the old chicane on the inside of Turn 4 (which would have to be widened), the idea being to create a corner that could be taken flat out on fresh rubber, but increasingly slower as the tyres wore out. The key to a good lap time would be to be able to take it as fast as possible, regardless of tyre condition.

    Considering it is often described as having a boring layout, it produces some great races!

    Statistically, Hungary is the Grand Prix most likely to produce an unexepected result. In the past twelve years, there have been nine different winners (Button, Webber, Hamilton, Kovalainen, Raikkonen, Schumacher, Alonso, Barrichello and Hakkinen), and I believe it has produced more first-time winners (certainly among the current grid) than any other circuit.


    In fact i quite like the 1st section as it is, don’t you ?
    I find that turns 1,2 and 3 often produce nice situations (as it did this year in fact).
    Complex 5/6 is simply great. Impossible to overtake, but very easy to miss.

    The reason for the slow corner is just to try to create a passing opportunity. I think that having a tight corner followed by a long curve in the opposite direction could create a “multiple lines” situation. In fact i don’t see the purpose of the chicane. It acts like a bottleneck and they HAVE to follow each other in single file/ And they usually do that up to turn 1 in fact.

    Turns 14/15 are sterile. I thought it would be more exciting this way, a long fact curve leading to a tighter one, after which it all goes steep uphill.

    The scenery there is nice too.


    I LOVE the Hungaroring but i do agree that it needs to be altered for better racing. I like what you have done with it. But a suggestion. The first bit that you have done is great but i think it would look better if you had the sweeping right turn in a little later. So after the sweeper there is a tittle left kink where the track straightens out before the left tight turn.. So a an overtaking move could be made on the lead up to the left hander. I love the look of the tight left and open right hander, sort of like at Sepang (turns 9/10). Corners like that always make for good racing if done right. The last section needs to be changed yes, But the turn 12 right hander is a good one and shouldn’t miss out. I think If they turn the current T12 into a hair-pin than conect it onto where your idea is would be good. Just an idea


    The track it’s self is a good track but the race just isn’t unfortunately. I feel that your version is better but maybe keep the tight chicane and the last sector as it is. That or landmines randomly placed around the original track.

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