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    Adam Blocker

    I actually think Magnussen will beat Button in terms of total points. Kevin has been highly impressive in last couple years in junior categories, along with a washed up Jenson Button, who had his last hoorah in 2011 if we are honest. Kevin is going to pull a Hamilton!

    Keith Campbell

    Not going to be wordy, just want to revisit this at the end of the year to see how wrong i am!

    Red Bull: Vettel 17 – 2 Ricciardo
    Mercedes: Rosberg 11 – 8 Hamilton
    Ferrari: Alonso 12 – 7 Raikkonen
    Lotus: Grosjean 13 – 6 Maldonado
    McLaren: Button 11 – 8 Magnussen
    Force India: Hulkenberg 14 – 5 Perez
    Sauber: Sutil 14 – 5 Gutierrez
    Torro Rosso: Verne 12 – 7 Kvyat
    Williams: Bottas 12 – 7 Massa
    Marussia: Bianchi 18 – 1 Chilton
    Caterham: Kobayashi 16 – 3 Ericcson

    I realised (as i put in Bianchi vs Chilton) that i hadn’t really factored in reliability, which you would expect to even the scores out. But don’t see the point of trying to guess that so will leave them as they are.


    Red Bull – Vettel is going to beat Riccardio but I think it’ll be a lot closer than Vettel/Webber. I think Riccardio will have some very strong qualifying performances though but I think he’ll lack that killer instinct in races that Vettel has.

    Mercedes – This will be a repeat of last year. They are so closely matched on pace, it comes down to who has the better setup and feel over the weekend.

    Ferrari – Another close one but I’d expect Alonso to come out on top in the earlier part of the year which will lead to him finishing ahead in the WDC. I’d expect them to both win races this year.

    Lotus – I think Maldonado and Grosjean will be closer than lots expect. Maldonado has shown pace before so I’d expect him to compete with Grosjean but ultimately, probably finish 2nd.

    McLaren – Button to win the 1st half of the season but Magnussen to fight hard and compete in the 2nd half.

    Force India – Hulkenberg will outqualify Perez which will lead to more points over the season but on race pace, I think they’ll be fairly competitive.

    Sauber – I’d expect Sutil to have too much for Guiterrez unless he dramatically improves this year.

    Toro Rosso – Kvyat to outscore Vergne. I understand the feeling that Vergne will have less pressure because of the Red Bull seat being filled but on the other hand, a huge amount of motivation has been taken away also. Vergne isn’t hugely experienced and I think that with a few good finishes, Kvyat could finish ahead.

    Wiliams – I think it’ll be quite close but Massa will outscore Bottas. Massa has shown what he can do when he’s allowed to but was often got very dispondant and slow when asked to support Alonso. Hopefully he’ll be back on top form for Williams and if so, will beat Bottas fairly comfortably.

    Caterham – Kobayashi to beat Ericsson with ease.

    Marussia – Bianchi to beat Chilton with ease. I’d expect Chilton to have closed the gap on Bianchi compared to last year but I still think he’ll be a reasonable bit off his pace.


    I don’t know how many times I have now done this but once more, I shall
    re-do it!

    Red Bull:Vettel should comfortably beat Ricciardo in races but Dan will begin to out-qualify Seb at th end of the season.

    Mercedes:Rosberg through determination, consistency and knowledge that he was beaten last year.Lewis will win in quali though.

    Ferrari:A difficult one but I think Kimi will just stay ahead of Fernando through consistency and settling in to the team and car well.

    Lotus:Grosjean should easily beat Maldo.Still expect a few strong races from Pastor.Grosjean will get 8 podiums compared to Maldo’s 2.

    Mclaren:Despite being thoroughly beaten in quali, Jenson will come out on top.

    Force India:Checo will win in quali but Hulk’s sudden podiums and strong finishes should get him ahead of Perez.Checo will be in 15-25 points range.

    Sauber:Sutil’s experience should give him a lead over Guti.

    Williams:Massa just beat Bottas due to 4 points finishes at the end of the season and a 3rd at the double points race(Yas Marina)and Bottas will also get a 5th at the double points race.

    STR:Vergne will beat Kvyat.But not by more than 15 points maximum.


    Caterham:Kobayashi’s return will prove succesful, but not succesful enough to beat Marussia.

    I will post on here again in onlky a few days time after/during the Bahrain Test. :)


    Having now seen the first Bahrain test, it’s time to re-do my 2014 team-mate battle predictions!

    Red Bull
    Vettel will dominate Dan at the start of the season but this will change once Dan has settled into RB.Ricciardo will begin to out-qualify Vettel and even start perform well in races, getting a few podiums at the end of the season.Seb will still have more points.

    Rosberg will have the edge over Lewis in points total and race results.
    This will be due to consistency and determination aswell as the fact that Lewis will struggle with tyre and fuel saving.Hamilton win the quali battle though.

    Could go either way.Will be close all season but Kimi will have a small edge over Fernando in total points because of his consistency.He will also settle into the new cars better than his team-mate.

    Could be close at times but RoGro should have relatively little trouble beating Pastor.Maldo will have a few shining performances though.

    Button’s experience will give him a greater points total than Kevin.
    KevMag will win the quali battle and get 4 poles at the end of the season.

    Force India
    Once he has settled in again, Hulk will tart his highly-anticipated
    giant-killing performances.Checo will be closer than many expect, with
    3 podiums and a few more top 5 finishes.But Hulk will be about 10-20
    points ahead.

    Sutil will surprise this season, with his maiden podium and several other strong points finishes.Both drivers will make the most of a far from competitive Sauber C33.Guti will be a little way off, but may just win the quali battle.Overall, Sutil will have more points.

    Massa, through consistency and experience.Massa will get 2 podiums during the season compared to Bottas’s best result of 4th.Bottas to win quali battle, Felipe to win the race battle.

    Toro Rosso
    JEV will do everything right in an attempt to try and secure a seat for 2015 and to prove RBR wrong.He will improve his quali pace just enough to beat Kvyat there.JEV will clearly be in charge in the races, with a couple of surprising results.

    Chilton will finish most races.like last year.
    A lap behind Bianchi.Like last year.

    Kobayashi’s return will prov succesful enough to beat Ericsson.
    But not succesful enough to get ahead of Marussia.

    Max Jacobson

    Red Bull – Vettel will exercise the advantage he holds in experience very early on to assert his authority in the races and within the team, but Ricciardo will claw some of that back as the season progresses (particularly in qualifying, where I’m expecting some close battles).

    Mercedes – very close between Rosberg and Hamilton, and I genuinely anticipate Rosberg to have a very real shot at the title.

    Ferrari – Räikkönen will of course be a much sterner opponent than Massa, but I think Alonso will be fairly comfortable in the end.

    Lotus – Grosjean will surely continue his form, but Maldonado will be a fierce opponent in qualifying and should by some miracle he mature I think he will show brilliance in the races also.

    McLaren – Magnussen has been very impressive in testing. Button’s smoothness may help, but I think Magnussen will beat him in the final standings.

    Force India – fairly comfortable for Hülkenberg: he has familiarity with the team and immense talent. His qualifying will put him generally out of Perez’s reach.

    Sauber – god, is their line-up boring. Sutil will win due to consistency.

    Toro Rosso – Kvyat will take some time to bed in but I was impressed with him in GP3, so I’m expecting good things.

    Williams – Massa will be empowered, as he was in the second half of 2013, by the freedom he will have at Williams to race. But I think Bottas will begin to dishearten him with his speed.

    Marussia – Bianchi, comfortably, will beat Chilton.

    Caterham – Kobayashi should show his experience to succeed in both qualifying and the races.

    Theo Parkinson

    This is ignoring mechanical issues:

    Red Bull: Vettel 12 – 7 Ricciardo
    Mercedes: Hamilton 12 – 7 Rosberg
    Ferrari: Alonso 11 – 8 Raikkonen
    Lotus: Grosjean 11 – 8 Maldonado
    McLaren: Button 9 – 10 Magnussen
    Force India: Hulkenberg 14 – 5 Perez
    Sauber: Sutil 10 – 9 Gutierrez
    Torro Rosso: Verne 11 – 8 Kvyat
    Williams: Bottas 9 – 10 Massa
    Marussia: Bianchi 15 – 4 Chilton
    Caterham: Kobayashi 14 – 5 Ericcson

    Red Bull: Vettel 14 – 5 Ricciardo
    Mercedes: Hamilton 11 – 8 Rosberg
    Ferrari: Alonso 9 – 10 Raikkonen
    Lotus: Grosjean 15 – 4 Maldonado
    McLaren: Button 12 – 7 Magnussen
    Force India: Hulkenberg 12 – 7 Perez
    Sauber: Sutil 13 – 6 Gutierrez
    Torro Rosso: Verne 14 – 5 Kvyat
    Williams: Bottas 9 – 10 Massa
    Marussia: Bianchi 15 – 4 Chilton
    Caterham: Kobayashi 17 – 2 Ericcson

    Red Bull: Vettel 65% – 35% Ricciardo
    Mercedes: Hamilton 56% – 44% Rosberg
    Ferrari: Alonso 60% – 40% Raikkonen
    Lotus: Grosjean 71% – 29% Maldonado
    McLaren: Button 55% – 45% Magnussen
    Force India: Hulkenberg 62% – 38% Perez
    Sauber: Sutil 68% – 32% Gutierrez
    Torro Rosso: 80% – 20% Kvyat
    Williams: Bottas 47% – 53% Massa
    Marussia: Bianchi 100% – 0% Chilton
    Caterham: Kobayashi 100% – 0% Ericcson


    I am so bored that I may well do this again.

    Quali Battle
    Red Bull:Vettel 13 – 6 Ricciardo
    Mercedes: Hamilton 10 – 9 Rosberg
    Ferrari: Alonso 8 – 9 Kimi
    Lotus: Grosjean 11 – 8 Maldo
    Mclaren: Button 9 – 10 Magnussen
    Force India: Hulk 11 – 8 Checo
    Sauber: Sutil 13 – 6 Guti
    Williams: Massa 12 – 7 Bottas
    Toro Rosso: Vergne 11 – 8 Kvyat
    Marussia: Bianchi 17 – 2 Chilton
    Caterham: Kamui 15 – 4 Ericsson


    Seen all winter testing, time have another attempt at this!

    Red Bull
    Seb will dominate Dan throughout the first half of the season. When Ricciardo has settled in, he’ll start to get more consistent and will ocassionally beat Seb in quali. Dan wil lack something in races but will, never the less, start to slowly gain ground on Seb with a few podiums at the end of the season.

    Could be very close. Alonso will be as strong in races as ever and Kimi will be as consistent as ever. Alonso will probably edge out Kimi in the closing stages of the season.

    Rosberg through determination. Lewis win the quali battle but will struggle with fuel and tyre saving.

    Grosjean should have little difficulty beating Maldonado. Pastor wil get a few strong results but Grosjean will be a long way ahead.

    Magnussen. Jenson is getting a bit old now and has lost quite a bit of pace. Meanwhile KevMag will get several poles and podiums.

    Force India
    They will start on fairly even terms but once Hulk has settled in he wil start his giant-killing performances. Perez only about 15 points behinfd.

    Sutil. Consistency is the key and that’s what Adrian has. Given a decent car, that can be consistent points finishes. Guti a little way behind.

    Massa will settle in well and get a few podiums and beat Bottas both in quali and races.

    Toro Rosso
    JEV will do everything right whilst trying to prove RB wrong. His race and quali pace will improve and newby Kvyat will be too eager and make a few costly mistakes.

    Basically the same as last year but slightly further up the grid.
    Chilton will be slow. Bianchi will be fast.

    Kobayashi will beat Ericsson who will struggle and have a Chilton-styled year.


    Now that testing is done, I still have no idea as to which driver will win!

    Red Bull: I’m not sure this is going to be all that close, Vettel will probably beat Ricciardo comprehensively, with the Aussie getting better as the season wears on, catching up with the champ.

    Mercedes: I reckon Hamilton will have the better of Rosberg in a single lap, but Rosberg will finish higher as he is a more cerebral driver, making more of the fuel and tyres than Lewis.

    Ferrari: This is the hardest one for me. If Alonso gets into his groove, he will beat Kimi in the end, but if Kimi gets the results first, Alonso won’t like it one bit, and he will be beaten. So, for me based on testing, I think Kimi will get the better of Alonso in the end.

    Lotus: I think this will be closer than many think, but Grosjean should get the better of Maldonado and his millions.

    McLaren: To begin with, Button will be faster but Magnussen will settle very early on, in the process beating the veteran.

    Force India: Perez is good I think, but Hulkenberg is brilliant, so this will be one of the easier battles to predict.

    Sauber: This is in my opinion one of the more underwhelming line ups on the grid, but Sutil is a very solid driver on his day, so he should beat Gutierrez.

    Toro Rosso: This is an intriguing one. Vergne will probably want to assert himself quickly against Kvyat, but I reckon the Russian will be more than a match for him.

    Williams: I think Massa will run Bottas hard but the Finn will win through with his raw speed.

    Marussia: Bianchi by a landslide against Chilton

    Caterham: Kobayashi should get the better of Ericsson.

    Recap (so I can laugh at how wrong I was at the end of the year)
    Red Bull: Vettel
    Mercedes: Rosberg
    Ferrari: Raikkonen
    Lotus: Grosjean
    McLaren: Magnussen
    Force India: Hulkenberg
    Sauber: Sutil
    Toro Rosso: Kvyat
    Williams: Bottas
    Marussia: Bianchi
    Caterham: Kobayashi


    Having seen most of the first Bahrain test it is now time for me once more re-do my team-mate predictions.

    Red Bull:
    Vettel should beat Ricciardo quite comfortably.Dan will, however, start to out-qualify Seb in the second half of the season.Although Dan will sometimes have a better grid position, he will lack in the races.

    Rosberg will pip Hamilton to the team-mate battle win through consistency, determination and luck.Hamilton will win the quali battle
    but he will struggle with tyre and fuel saving in the race.

    This may turn into quite a spectacle with Kimi’s consistent points finishes while Fernando has a win or a third place or lower.Overall, Kimi will have more points.Just.

    Could be closer than many expect but RoGro should beat Maldo without too much trouble.Grosjean will imrove on his excellent late-2013 form
    and get at least 5 podiums (probably more) and his first and second wins.Maldo will have some of those sudden shining performances though.

    KevMag will just scrape a victory in the quali battle but Jenson’s
    consistency and experience will give him the edge in races.

    Force India:
    Once Hulk has settled settled in to FI again he will start scoring points big-time.Checo won’t be as far behind as most people expect, he’ll even beat Hulk in the qualifying battle.

    Sutil will surprise this season with a podium and several strong points finishes.Guti will also improve and get a fourth at Hockenheim and a few other strong races too.

    Massa’s experience will see him the beating of Bottas.This battle will be very close though, both drivers will have a turn at being lead driver.Massa’s mediocre consistency should give him a slight edge in quali aswell.

    Toro Rosso:
    Vergne will do everything right in an attempt to secure a seat for 2015
    as well as proving RBR wrong.He will improve his quali pace enough just to beat Kvyat.JEV will have a best result of third at Austria in a great race.Kvyat will be very good though, with a best quali of fifth
    and a best race result of seventh.JEV will beat Kvyat quite comprehensively in the end.

    Much the same as last year.Chilton will finish often like last year.
    A lap behind Bianchi like last year.

    Kobayashi should beat Marcus easily.Ericsson will struggle to adapt to F1 and so lose to Kamui.

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