Predicting the winner of the "Pole Position Trophy"

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    Craig Woollard

    The question is simple. Who will win the new pole trophy introduced this year?

    I am assuming you’re not awarded 2 pole positions for Abu Dhabi…

    I believe Hamilton will have it this year. The Mercedes looks just too strong at this stage and Hamilton was beating Rosberg pretty well in qualifying last season. The McLaren drivers might get a few poles too, especially Magnussen, and possibly Vettel or maybe even Grosjean in the latter stages of the season. We could also see some surprise pole positions from drivers who had some strong showings last year in uncompetitive cars (Hulkenberg, Bottas). Raikkonen and Alonso may grab one or two each, as Ricciardo might. However, I do feel that the Mercedes may be too strong early in the season and may get quite a few poles early on, before other teams catch up.


    I reckon it will be between the Mercedes boys. Difficult to choose because, on his day, Rosberg can be as quick over a single lap as anyone. But I’m still going to say Hamilton.


    Rosberg and Hamilton will both have 7 pole positions each, Nico will win the trophy through count-back.


    I’m gonna be controversial and say Vettel.
    If we had this discussion after the first few races of last year, Hamilton would be the safe choice, and look what happened!

    Iestyn Davies

    Hamilton must be the favourite.. an interesting stat is how Hamilton and Vettel would have won this trophy each year since 2007.. Currently 4-3 to Vettel, after taking 2009 on countback from Lewis and Jenson, although Lewis did the same in 2007 from Massa.

    The top 6 Q trophy winners (3 or more times) are:

    Fangio – 6
    Senna – 6
    Schumi – 6
    Clark – 5
    Vettel – 4
    Hamilton – 3


    I think perhaps a Mercedes driver.
    It’s not easy to choose between them but Lewis will just take it off Nico at the last race of the season!

    Craig Woollard

    @fastiesty That’s a great stat! It’s tough to remember that Massa was actually a very strong qualifier back then. I think it’s clear that Vettel and Hamilton are one and two in terms of best qualifiers on the grid but I wonder who we would all put in number 3? I suspect a lot of people would say Rosberg, but I’m going Grosjean!

    Iestyn Davies

    Indeed – he always dominated in Turkey, which I always found interesting. Grosjean and Raikkonen both seemed to depend on the car suiting them, so may have opposite styles. For me, I would have to say Hulkenberg as 3rd best qualifier. The number of times he can make the difference in the tight midfield clinches it for me! Rosberg can blow hot and cold, although his ‘hots’ can even beat Lewis.


    Let’s go for Magnussen. He could be bloody mad in that McLaren.

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