Problems with BBC F1 coverage on TV screen

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    Hi, is it only me or is the Beebs f1 coverage picture, too wide. I’ve viewed it on all 3 TV’s at home and always the left hand side of the picture that usually has the driver names and times is cut off and i can only seen the end of the drivers lap time and cant see the name at all, i tried shifting the screen right, but the picture was still cut from the left hand side!!


    Sounds like you’ve got a 4:3 display trying to show a 16:9 picture. Fiddle with the pictue/display settings until you have the correct proportions. It will be either 4:3 or ‘fit’.


    It happens to me as well. As you say @jonnyw360f1 I have fiddled with all the picture settings, which include Auto Format (this makes the whole screen fill), widescreen, 16:9, 14:9 and 4:3, yet even if i do this i can’t see the left and right edge of the screen. It is really annoying in qualifying as all I can see is the times and not the names so i have no idea where anyone is. Even if I put the format on to 14:9 or 4:3 which basically ‘shrinks’ the picture, the names are still cut off and replaced with bands.

    The same happens when I watch sky sports news, the only sky sports channel I have, and the right hand side which includes tables, results and other small headlines is mostly cut off as well.

    I thought of three main possible causes:
    1. It’s the T.V. that is at fault. Although I doubt it is that now considering @mclaren has the same problem.
    2. I have a cable Virgin Media service, maybe that is the cause?
    3. If i have the same problem on sky sports, maybe it is something to do with how sky format their broadcast when shown by virgin. Or is it that now Sky is the primary broadcaster, do they get choice on the formatting of the feed from FOM?

    Or are Sky secretly conspiring to get me to become fed up of not knowing who’s where on the BBC so that I buy their service. ;)


    I think it’s to do with your TV. I have an old TV in my house which can’t show widescreen pictures. But the widescreen TVs in my obviously can show the picture in widescreen. To be honest, the best thing to do might be to get a new widescreen TV. However I’m no expert and could be talking complete rubbish.


    The T.V. is a 2007 Philips widescreen LCD but I don’t know the proper name.

    I can’t understand how this problem has happened because it doesn’t happen on any other channels and it’s not exactly a bad T.V. either.

    I suspect Virgin T.V.


    I’ve got VirginMedia and I set my V+ box to 16:9 in the settings.
    However, varying channels still fight with the “Auto” setting on the TV. I’ve given up changing it every time I switch channel as it means having 2 remote controls in use.
    I connect my V+ box to a standard 32″ CRT (Yes people still use these). I always assumed that when I change to a LCD or equivalent TV I would not have this issue as my Sony CRT maybe just not able to interpret the signal properly via the SCART socket.
    @mclaren Is this just with standard aerial, freeview or do you get your TV via Virgin or Sky?
    Maybe someone who uses VirginMedia and HDMI can confirm if they get the correct ratio showing.


    Guys, we are trying to stick to just one thread for the BBC’s F1 coverage this year, and another one for Sky’s F1 coverage. If we don’t do that, then millions of threads pop up. I’m afraid I have to close this one. Please continue the discussion here.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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