Proximity Wing – So what can be done about it?

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    Almost all the fans, an all the drivers who have commentated seem to agree, it’s a rubbish, unfair gimmic and we don’t want it in our sport, fine. I think however that most don’t mind the idea of a fully adjustable rear wing, also large consensus on that.

    However what can we do about this? Obviously ticking the right box on any poll you find is a start, especially if there’s one on the F1 website, I’m convinced that thing is rigged. But where can we go from there? How do we make the members of FOTA an the rule makers aware that the majority of the people they’re trying to improve the show for don’t like it at all, hopefully we can use this thread to bounce around a few ideas but the important thing is it has to be direct.

    I think a petition is the most obvious thing, the wording of the petition must be simple, an it’s hyper important that the word about it gets spread far and wide, an then somehow it must be sent to FOTA, all of these things are very difficult, an what’ll probably happen is the Men In Suits will ignore it because they know best what we want but if we could actually get something fairly big together, wouldn’t that just be awesome?


    Well I don’t agree with having any moveable wing at all, because it doesn’t address the fundamental problem of not being able to follow cars through corners. And if everyone has it, where’s the benefit? Only in the constraints proposed, but that creates a laughable gimmick. We need to get to an F1 where aerodynamic wakes are not such a big problem that it’s useless to try and do one more stop on your rivals in the hope of out-speeding them to victory, because you’ll be unable to pass cars to do so. I think a third of people ion Keith’s poll were against any moveable wings.

    What I’d like to see is a petition saying:

    “We, the undersigned, are opposed to moveable rear wings on Formula 1 cars, or for their introduction to be limited by any constraints on their usage, except for a limit on how far into a race they may be permitted to be used.”


    i dont mind f1 at the moment, i wish they would just leave it alone for the next ten years. the show does not need to be fixed, im happy with what we have now. I think the fundamental problem is circuit design, not the cars.


    newhamlea1, number of debates to be had on that one, personally I think you have to go with both but whatever.

    Nice Icthyes, but I have to say I disagree, things that cut loads of drag on straights means the cars are going faster into corners so longer braking zones more mistakes etc, reduced drag means the cars are more efficient, which is green, as well as meaning they’ll be less fuel in the cars meaning faster laps, etc.

    My only only problem is the proximity follower thing, thats just ridiculous, it’s already become a cliche but this isn’t Double Dash. If we have adjustable rear wings, get rid of this stupid ruiner, just like quali tyres, ill thought through an actually detrimental to fans enjoyment.

    If we were going to have a petition, an how we do that I’m not sure, I’d hope for it to be something like,

    “We the undersigned object to the new rear wing regulation, specifically the 1 second following rule, we feel it is unfair, a gimmick an will not improve the sport, we also feel that the majority of fans share this veiw.”

    However I can’t right anything for cookies so hopefully it would be better than that.

    I’ve an idea, if Keith would be willing, could we possibly to the petition on the site, using the comments section for the signiture place, than some how send that to FOTA? Sounds completley far fetched I know FOTA seems to want fans to be proactive about what they want, an this is a prime example of it.


    Nothing can be done about it. F1 is run by a bunch of nerds, who in turn are lead by a troll dwarf. The main artice about F1 turning into something like an playstation game is fully correct. What the heck??

    Max Mosley is a evil b@$tard who has killed off this sport completely imo. WTF is it with the budget caps BS. The recession ended a long long time back & yet this self righteous bastard turns up now & then to remind to the world that he is still alive & getting spanked.

    Petition? You surely must be joking. Who is going to listen to us? FOTA, the FIA & the rest kneel before MAX only. He is still in charge. Formula One would have truly revived itself only when Max Mosley goes to his own funeral.


    I saw Dan posted a comment saying he will go to the FAN FORUM organized by FOTA soon where Withmarsh, Fernandez and a lot of other team representatives will discuss with the Fans.

    So i would love if Dan or maybe a group of F1Fanatics could bring this point into that formum and have the FOTA think bringing this “proximity wing” thing into F1 over.


    Nice positive thinking there Counterstrike.

    So online petitions were can these things be found and set up?


    Sorry for the double post but


    I think the concerns will definatley be raised there, my question wot I sent in was on this exact same subject. Im so excited this is awesome!

    Is anyone else from F1F going?


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