quality of races in 2011 and your personal top 5 of the year!

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    we all no the title race was boring and the races in general were pretty good.
    but looking back before the last one (which will be another good one for sure), did you know that almost 3 out of 4 votes after races were in the 7-10 range? and that the mode (most common grade) in 12 out of 18 races was an 8 or more? (9 in monaco and germany, 10 in canada and china!!)??
    you all know the ranking from f1fanatics race ratings (1-china, 2-canada, 3-germany, 4-hungary, 5-britain), but what were your top 5 races of the year?


    by the way, season average is at around 7,4 and the grade most given this season is the 8 (23%), followed by 9 and 7 (both 19%) – those numbers tell the story of great racing action, don’t they?


    My personal top 5… hmmm
    1. Spa
    2. Canada
    3. Singapore
    4. Monaco
    5. Korea


    China, Canada, Monaco, Germany, Hungary.


    1. Germany
    2. China
    3. Monaco
    4. Canada
    5. Hungary


    1. Canada
    2. Monza
    3. Spa
    4. Turkey
    5. Monaco


    1. Canada – a pass for the lead on the last lap was just brilliant
    2. China – loads of overtaking and a genuine battle for the win
    3. Germany – three-way battle for the win not even involving Vettel
    4. Britain – I was there this year, so this is more a personal choice
    5. Hungary – great race, although I missed it live due to travelling and found out the result before I could watch it


    1. China – Everyone was in the battle for the win, from Hamilton, Vettel, and Button to Rosberg and Massa. So much great overtaking, and both in and out of the DRS zone. Great scrap between Schumi and Alonso, and who can forget Webber’s epic charge through the field. Best race I’ve ever seen.

    2. Germany – Great three way scrap all race long. Three different drivers with different, but evenly matched cars. Lewis’s awesome pass on Alonso after his pits. Vettel struggling with Massa. :P

    3. Canada – Fantastic win by Button despite being 21st only 17 laps before the end. Kobayashi and Schumacher had their time to shine, and Vettel cracking under preasure.

    4. Hungary – Great race, plenty of action in the first half, cooled down in the 2nd half. Great fight between Button and Hamilton.

    5. Monaco – Best Monaco dry race I’ve seen in a long time. Great racing, we had plenty of overtaking and crashes. To bad the red flag stole us an epic finale laps.


    1. China – Overtaking everywhere you looked
    2. Malaysia – Overtaking everywhere except for the lead
    3. Germany – Great action between the front runners
    4. Canada – Great racing all round, the safety cars due to wet track were ridiculous however
    5. Japan – Some great racing, and a fantastic drive from Button


    1: China – our first experience of the potential the Pirellis had, overtakes from fresher tyres by guys making an extra stop, including a few that got that driver the victory
    2: Germany – a nail-biting race-long game of chess for the victory between three cars showing the flip side of the new rules and how it’s not just about overtaking. But we had a good bit of it at the front too!
    3: Canada – a crazy race, almost a Schumacher podium and a last-lap change of lead but the amount of laps raced in anger was only about half planned and it was delayed for ages
    4: Hungary – an early battle for the lead which stabilised but soon turned back into chaos as the track dried
    5: Britain – it looked like being another Vettel walkover as Alonso fought with his rivals. Then suddenly his pace became good and the whole race turned on its head and we had two late-race battles for the next four positions.


    1. Abu Dhabi
    2. Italy
    3. Canada
    4. India
    5. Germany

    Prisoner Monkeys

    In no particular order: Canada, China, Hungary, Germany and Japan. Some of them are not usually known for good racing.


    @prisoner-monkeys Just as a point of interest – what did you find exciting about Japan? Was it the championship drama? Or…? I don’t remember the on track action to be spectacular. I’m not disagreeing with you or anything; but just intrigued.

    Fer no.65

    1. Germany – epic 3 way battle all through the race. It’ll certainly be a classic for the future.
    2. Canada – all the drama, the rain, the wait. Lovely.
    3. Hungary – rainy day again.
    4. Silverstone – half the track dry, half wet, and an unexpected winner. Plus some very good moves.
    5. Monaco – wonderful race, but a bit lame considering the red flag in the end killed it a bit.

    This was one of the most exciting seasons ever in terms of the quality of the races. We had a good run of up to 5 truly spectacular races in no time during the european summer. It’s been a tad rubbish come the end of the year, but that’s understandable considering the championship was decided so early…



    Japan was a good race though, Button vs Vettel was genuine battle for the win all race long, with Alonso involved at the end. Hamilton vs Massa vs Webber was good too, with Schumacher spicing that up at the end. Plenty of overtaking in the midfield (even some in the 130R!) ect…

    Apart from Canada, China, Hungary and Germany. I don’t remember any races that were better than Japan. Monaco is debatable. That’s just my opinion.

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