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    Prisoner Monkeys

    Basically, if i jump in the car and set competitive times within a few laps without changing anything setup-wise, then i know i will have wasted my money. That’s not how motor racing works. If however, after tweaking suspension, working on camber and toe angles and adjusting downforce for bumps and chicanes i find the sweetspot and start becoming a challenger, then it will be fulfilling my need.

    I think you’re going to be disappointed. Codemasters are not making a hardcore simulation here. They need to appeal to the casual gamers just as much as the hardcore fans. And in a straight fight, casual gamers will win because there are more of them about.

    If you watch the video where Autosport look into the game, Anthony Davidson reveals all: when you arrive at a circuit, the default setup for that circuit will allow you to set respectable lap times. You will be able to milk a few tenths of a second out of the car by tweaking your setup, but don’t expect to be able to find a setup that will allow you to dominate the competition by several seconds a lap. This has been done for two reasons: firstly, to accomodate the casual gamers who may not want to spend an hour perfecting their tyre pressures and suspension settins. And secondly, because this is the way it works in real life contrary to your beliefs. Whe the teams arrive at a venue, they already know what the basic setup is because their simulators are so good. The practice sessions are spent drawing those extra few tenths of a second out of the car.


    I agree with PM and codemasters on this, i enjoy a race sim as much as the next enthusiast. But they have to find a good middle point.

    They cant make it so when you first drive the F1 car your 30 seconds off the pace otherwise nobody will play, also drivers won’t setup the cars for the tracks, like the game they would generally only tweak the car to their tastes.


    In a racing game I want to race. The worst thing about rFactor is that you have to be a mechanic to have any chance of being slightly competitive.


    completely agree with Tommy.

    I’m an alright racer online – fair, relatively fast etc, but I have no knowledge of the workings of a car and being frank, i’m not that interested. I like racing.

    I think the balance sounds great at the moment, with a car that will be good on all circuits without tweaking but slightly better if you know about it. Even then it may not make that much of a difference – as all the cars are equalised online as far as I’m aware!

    Just hope the achievements aren’t ridiculous like the online one in Grid.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    Just hope the achievements aren’t ridiculous like the online one in Grid.

    I’ve seen the list of achievements. Some look easy, others will be very difficult. There’s a nice even spread of them.

    Ned Flanders

    To be honest, even though I’m an F1 geek I have no interest in setting up my car in practice sessions. In fact, in F1 2006, the most recent F1 game around, I usually don’t even bother qualifying, I just start fromn last place! So racing is definitely the priority for me


    Ned, just to correct you, the last (official) F1 game was F1 2009, and the one before that was F1 Championship edition(a souped up PS3 version of F1 2006, released in 2007(!)). In those PS3 games, I just started from the back (at my own will) at most tracks, although I could never get much speed at Suzuka. Montreal was a completely different matter, 4th fastest on hard in a Midland F1.


    Prisoner Monkeys,where abouts did you find the list of achievements, could you post the link for the rest of us to have a look?


    Last year (on the Wii at least) on the multiplayer mode you couldn’t qualify during the season you juust got thrown straight into the race so is it this same for F1 2010?



    I’m with pm, some of these look sooooo difficult!


    Crushing victory: Outclass your teammate at each race over one season.

    Commitment is the key: Complete a seven year career.

    Triple world champion: Win the WDC three times.

    Unforgettable: Win from pole at Monaco.



    Schuberb: Win from pole position 41 times!

    Schumacher managed that in over a decade of racing! How on earth can we do that in seven years! The only explanation is if we can do this outside of career mode as well, because 7 times 19 equals 133, requiring you to get a double once in every 3 races!


    I wish I had seen this earlier, I would have loved to find out more technical details about the game. ie. the gaming engine and middleware used.


    Glad you agree sw6569.

    Like you, I like racing fair and with damage/realism on etc.

    For me that’s how difficult I want it. Not to spend hours in practice sessions setting up the car.

    Dan Thorn

    Oh no, there’s gonna be flashbacks? A huge factor in me not purchasing GRID was the flashbacks. Stupid, stupid feature.


    Well you don’t have to use it, its just a handy feature for when something goes massivly wrong, but I agree I personally don’t like it and never used it in Dirt 2, I just simply restarted.

    Although I can see the use if you were on the last lap and braked too late for example and went off while winning, that would be annoying

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