Did the stewards investigate Massa and Ricciardo's collision?

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    Quick question Ive been doing a bit of digging and i can’t find any info on if massa / ric got a penalty for the contact at the start of the race. Was just curious if this was deemed a racing incident or if someone got blamed.

    Imo looking back at the video it seems that massa moves to cover ric way to late.


    Can’t even remember an investigation message pop up.


    Thanks guys :)

    Nic Morley

    No and even if they did I think it would be classed as a racing incident. At first I thought Ricciardo moved over onto Massa’s front wing, but in replay I could see Massa was at fault; but these racing incidents happen. Just not so nice when it happens to your driver :( Though at least his start was great!


    In their post-race radio remarks Red Bull were of the view it was a racing incident:


    Iestyn Davies

    I was half expecting Massa to say in the post-race interview that Ricciardo hit him ;P.

    Looks like a carbon copy of the Hamilton/RBR sandwich from 2013.

    Start area is very wide, and then it funnels down to a tighter T1 (2012 incident, and Perez going around stricken Massa into a 3 car collision), so maybe that influences the drivers at the start.

    Massa/Ricciardo lost out on an easy race to 6th/7th, although Ricciardo would have had to stay ahead of the cars behind from getting DRS and passing him (or undercutting them back at the stops – Massa, Hulk, 2 Lotus).


    It certainly was a racing incident.

    Massa initially shot himself off from his grid spot slightly towards the middle of the track, but gently began to straighten his car up as he saw Ricciardo accelerating past him. What rules his responsiblity out is that he most likely couldn’t see that Ricciardo was in a sandwich and even if he saw he could safely assume the Red Bull had enough space.

    …Because Ricciardo indeed had, but – at the last minute – swerved just a little bit to the left, possibly as a reaction to torque kicking in, or to keep a safe distance from Raikkonen, barely half a metre to his right. In the process he might have misjudged the speed differential to Massa and thought he had already cleared him. In any case, it was such a difficult situation and there is next to no evidence on why Ricciardo swerved that little bit, that I think it’s unreasonable to hold him responsibly either.

    Which leaves us at the racing incident label.


    Fair enough thanks for clarifying guys. Maybe I’m just wearing my Ricciardo tinted glasses haha.


    Massa is the key to Brazilian viewership. In other words the Hulk reversal can’t be applied. To his defence, the stewards are known to have a more lenient stance regarding starts.

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