RB7 vs MP4-26 – was it really that big a difference?

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    Alonso was awesome around Monaco, I still think he would have won were it not for the interruption.

    Other than perhaps Britain, it wasn’t the faster car anywhere else. Mainly due to working the tyres hard enough which was often emphasised on out laps and when they switched to the harder compound.

    Re the McLaren Vs RB7 debate, it is tricky, I’m sure Vettel often held back a little and controlled his race pace so I’m not even sure we saw the true potential of that car in many races.


    I think it was a problem like Brawn in 2009 more than anything. The car generates most of its tyre temperature through traction/braking events. Look at all the races where the traction and braking demands were high – the Ferrari had no temperature trouble. Monza says otherwise; but the traction events are too few and far between to be counted as a traction heavy circuit.

    So unless the cornering events other than traction/braking is putting immense loadings on the tyres; such as a place like Suzuka; they struggled.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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