Red Bull confirmed talks were about Alonso

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    http://www.autoweek.com/article/20130804/F1/130809943 and various other outlets.

    They are playing it pretty well, aren’t they?

    Any comments?


    Sounded more like Red Bull said… I mean allegedly said, they weren’t talking about Sainz Jr… although why wouldn’t they?


    I think the only chance and way of Alonso going to Red Bull (which I honestly think will never happen now) would be a direct driver swap between Red Bull and Ferrari. Alonso to Red Bull and Vettel to Ferrari, but as I said I see this not happening at all.


    “Why would I talk to him about Sainz Jr., who has long been in the Red Bull junior team?”

    So… because they weren’t talking about Sainz, they were talking about Alonso?

    I can’t take this seriously… Autoweek argues that a denial and a weird statement confirm that Alonso’s manager was talking about Alonso – that’s just stupid

    Force Maikel

    What Horner has said is nonsense. Since when is it nonsense for a manager of a driver to have a little chit-chat whit a team about a young driver. Perfectly normal and obviously not nonsense. Ferrari offering Räikkönen a deal to replace Massa knowing the fin isn’t really looking to rejoin the team that initially sacked him to acquire another star driver, know that is not nonsense. Ferrari is a heavy political team and I wouldn’t be surprised if they just did that to annoy RBR. Perhaps now RB is annoying Ferrari suggesting that manager actually came for Alonso, nonsense. Childish? Yes, definitely. Smart? Yes, definitely. Entertaining? Yes, decently. Intriguing? No, definitely not.

    Nonsense is such a nonsense word isn’t it? ;-)


    ok, i take it back! :)

    Force Maikel

    @magon4 Please don’t take it back because I or someone else doesn’t buy it. If you believe Horner is telling the truth (or that journalist) then you should stand by what you believe. Freedom of speech and stuff like that :-)


    Got it @force-maikel, but I did read hastily and there has been no confirmation of talks about Alonso, only Horner and Helmut making fun of the whole media situation…

    Sri Harsha

    I was watching Round 2 of Last year Drama. Ferrari started the Rumor/Mind Games of Vettel to Ferrari to Pressurize RBR and Vettel in Round 1 now it was round 2 by RBR Lets see how it goes.


    Unless I am mistaken I thought Sainz Jr drove for the Webber and Horner owned team?? If so OF COURSE its about Fernando, they know their young fella! (I am mistaken here??)

    Yes Reb Bull have shown politics along with aerodynamics can be strong point- they used to use the former a lot less, but being a 3 time champ I guess they now play the ‘dirty game’ of F1 like the others.

    Being practicle (for a change haha), wouldnt an Alonso 2 year breach at Ferrari where he gets paid $20mill (??) p.a. be WAY to expensive for Red Bull to even look at?? I know the mid year break gets things moving (aka- made up) but didnt we have 3 weeks Germany to Hungary then 3 weeks Hungary to Spa?? -P.S.- cant wait for Spa!!

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