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    Prisoner Monkeys

    Whenever someone says Red Bull are favouring Vettel, I gey my cynic’s hat out. While there is no doubt some favouritism going on, I believe most of it is a fantasy of the Australian media. They know the Red Bull is a good car. And they know Webber is capable of race wins. But if and when he has a dull race – particularly if Vettel does well – they tend to go looking for reasons as to why Webber was off-key. Both Red Bull and Webber said that there was nothing on Webber’s car in Melbourne that might explain why he was so far off the pace; the rear damper was damaged, but it wasn’t enough to slow him down all on his own. Yet, most of the pre-race show for Sepang concentrated on this, explaining Webber’s poor form away as being entirely down to a damaged part. Favouritism within the team is another favourite excuse.

    In the end, it really boils down to the way the Australian commentators cannot stand the way Webber isn’t winning races the way Vettel is.

    sbl on tour

    havnt read the other posts, but of course they favour vettel and always will as long as that edjut markos there.


    I was thinking about the 3 stops vs. 4 stops decision during the race. Couldn’t it just be that Webber chewed through his tyres sooner than Vettel because of constant fights in the middle of the pack? Vettel had none of that, and had KERS for a certain amount of laps aswell. After dropping back at the start, I think Webber actually had a fairly good race. I’m sure the teams understand the tyres a lot better than most of us. When everything came together after the final round of pitstops, I’d say Webber had a fairly good trip (taking into consideration that he won places thanks to Hamilton losing pace and Alonso clipping his wing).


    Of course given that Horner said last year basically that the future of the team was with SV, it would be understandable to watch for favouritism and/or unfair treatment toward MW…the ugliest example of extreme favouritism was with MS/Ferrari and of course since then everyone is hypersensitive to the skewing toward one driver on a team, and many even think that is an avenue to racing success while ironically having the racing taken out of the equation by the team from their teammate with this type of scenario…

    Personally I think it is too early to tell, and as has been alluded to MW will let us know if in fact he starts to feel like something is up…

    That said, I will not shed tears for MW if in fact he gets hung out to dry by the team, nor will I support the team, nor will I buy Red Bull if they do screw MW around, while at the same time MW is in a winning car and is the one that went through the experience first hand last year, including hearing the team say their future was with SV, so nobody has a gun to MW’s head that I’m aware of to stay with the team. He’s there with eyes wide open.


    Webber had a fantastic race considering his KERS failed him at the start, to come back to 4th from 10th with no KERS when your competitors all have it is no small feat. Once he has a trouble free weekend he’ll be right up at the front with Vettel and could well come out on top at some point. No conspiracy, just some bad luck on his part of late much like Vettel had at the beginning of last year.



    Saying that SV gets the better strategy than MW is ridiculous. If they gave SV the 4 stop strategy, and Mark the 3 stop strategy in Malaysia, Mark wouldn’t have cleared the midfield and SV probably would’ve lost positions.

    Vettel’s strategy was easier to work out than Marks because had a big buffer from the first stint, and never had to deal with traffic. Mark’s strategy was to put him on fresher rubber than everyone he was dealing with while minimising time lost behind a slower car that was proving difficult to overtake. If they put Mark on a 3 stopper, he wouldn’t have caught up to Hamilton or Heidfeld as quickly as he did, and would’ve been on tyres in a similar state to Heidfelds when he was trying to pass, instead of tyres that were newer by 10 laps.

    If you want to discuss teams favouring drivers with tyre strategies, discuss McLaren. Jenson’s strategy was pretty good, Hamilton’s wasn’t. Of course, that is being absurd.

    Stephen Jones

    was going to say something, but damon pretty much summed it up..

    redbull want both their drivers up the front.. when mark’s coming 5th and 4th, thats not favoritism.. thats just not driving fast enough.


    Damon said it. There may be favoritism at the top of the team, but that does not mean they treat the drivers any differently. They want them both performing at their best, pushing each other and scoring the most points possible!


    I think to dismiss the possibility of favouritism is ridiculous (see MS/Ferrari era) in that all they had to do was tweek the car to favour SV’s likings moreso than MW’s in the redesign…it doesn’t just have to be about giving one a better strategy than the other during a given race…anybody think that after MS complained of lack of front grip last year they didn’t redesign this year’s Merc to ensure more front grip could be had for him?

    Teams in the past, the worst example being MS/Ferrari, find it a lot easier when they have a dominant car to not have one driver robbing points from the other…it’s a lot easier to hang one out to dry and favour the other…I’m not saying I agree with it, nor consider it sporting, which is why I have no respect for MS and his numbers compilation on the back of a contracted subservient for a teammate amongst his miriad other advantages…

    All I’m saying is favouritism has taken place before and to very extreme extents, so it should be no surprise especially given Horner’s comments last year about the future for them being with SV, that there might be some forms of favouritism going on at Red Bull…

    I hope I am wrong and I would much prefer to see two good drivers in a dominant car duke it out for the WDC right down to the wire…but unfortunately that makes for some strife on a team and some teams would rather avoid that strife and sell out and rob us of true racing in the pinnacle of racing…

    I hope that Red Bull is being honourable, and let’s face it, last year both Red Bull drivers had a WDC shot going into the last race of the season, so hard to argue there was favouritism going on, even though mid-season MW hinted at it with ‘wing-gate’…but now SV is a WDC, so we’ll have to see what happens and listen for any comments from MW that something seems fishy…so far, not the case though…I really don’t want to see any team ever do an MS/Ferrari again…that was terrible manipulation of the viewing audience…


    I would say that there is a bit of favouritism going on at Red Bull, but it is for good reason, and I don’t blame them. Like Schumacher when paired with Barrichello, Vettel is simply a better driver than Webber. Webber isn’t going to move out of the way for his teammate like Massa or Barrichello, but Webber lacks the consistency to even match Vettel on a regular basis.

    IMO, favouritism, or never plays a significant enough role in why one driver performs at the level or exceeds the level of the car while the other underperforms. Senna, for example came into a Mclaren team that had spent years working with Prost, only for the Brazilian to match or beat him. Webber and Barrichello showed that they lack this level of talent, although they are decent drivers.


    I think there was a bit of favouraism last year with the wing and some tactics but this year Mark just has not performed as well as he should. He is in a very fast car and was a whole lot better this week compared to Australia. I think he has just have two tough races. That’s racing though. Sometimes things go your way, other times its just a hard slog. I think Webber has some wins in him this year and should still be considered a championship contender. No KERS in KL was just unlucky. I’m sure the Red Bull management would rather have both drivers fighting for 1 and 2 instead of just one driver out the front.

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