Red Bull threaten to quit F1 unless regulations are changed

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    Marko warns “there is a danger” that owner Dietrich Mateschitz will lose “passion for F1”; Horner hits out at engine supplier Renault

    Not this again!
    Red Bull threatened to quit before if i remember correctly, in the past teams like Brawn & Red Bull themselves had their interpretations of the rules overturned on the components they had designed & built, which left the other teams with a disadvantage, however this issue with the engines is not the same, the Mercedes engine is completely different,

    Mercedes’ breakthrough ‘innovation is having the turbo’s compressor at one end of the engine and the turbine at the other, linked by a long shaft through the vee of the engine’.
    The ‘trick turbo layout’ triggers a series of critical performance benefits. As the air is not travelling through as much pipework, a reduction in turbo lag means less power needs to be be harvested from the car’s ERS unit to keep the turbine spooled off throttle. That in turn improves the efficiency of the car, with more power reserved for performance gain and less fuel consequentially used up.

    They cannot have the design of the engine changed, Renault went with a different idea & it is not as good as the one Mercedes came up with, strange that Honda didn’t go the Mercedes route though.

    People are saying that Red Bull are being bad sports, but for them it was all about advertising, what happens is anyones guess, but i cannot see Mercedes taking this laying down.

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