Regular grand prix articles which have been cancelled for Japan

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    Keith Collantine

    I’ve had some questions about this via email, comments and Twitter so just wanted to clear it up.

    In light of the horrible accident which Jules Bianchi suffered during the Japanese Grand Prix I decided it was inappropriate to run the Rate the Race and Driver of the Weekend poll articles.

    I think the reason for not running run the former is obvious. In the case of the latter I didn’t think it was fair to ask people to give a verdict on the quality of Bianchi’s driving under the circumstances. Another solution to that would have been to not include him in the poll, but I felt that would have seemed callous.

    Of course none of this matters one iota given the gravity of the situation, but I wanted to share my thinking for the benefit of those who have asked about it.

    Bradley Downton

    A very reasonable and thoughtful decision, and one I fully back and support.


    @KeithCollantine I fully support that decision. Thank you a lot for the professional approach during these difficult days.


    Thanks @KeithCollantine

    This site is the only F1-related site that didn´t disappoint me in their reaction to the accident.


    Once again you have proved your class both as a motorsport journalist and as a human being in difficult times. I haven’t seen any other media outlet treat these circumstances with such respect and reverence, and for that you should be applauded hugely.


    A touch of class there, and a commendable decision to make. And, as @bradley13 has alluded to earlier on Twitter, to include a link to the most recent information about Bianchi’s condition, is a very good idea. Credit where it is due @keithcollantine. Your approach to addressing the events of the weekend has been extremely professional.


    Thank you for the explanation, Keith. Shows that you’re a professional.

    bull mello

    Thank you @keithcollantine , very respectful.

    Another F1 journalist on Twitter was tweeting about the “driver of the race” as though this were any other Grand Prix. I wasn’t going to respond because the whole topic seemed so disrespectful. I decided to respond; “Jules Bianchi, because I cannot think about anyone else right now.”

    Sad when our fun turns to tragedy. The least we can do is show respect. Continued prayers for Jules and his family.


    Excellent move, I think Keith. I completely agree with not running either one.


    I agree with the previous speakers; that’s roughly what I supposed may be the reasoning behind the move when I tried to explain it to a fellow F1 Fanatic under an article.


    This site is the only F1-related site that didn’t disappoint me in their reaction to the accident.

    Couldn’t agree more.


    Good idea I think, it would have been a tough race to rate anyway. Everyone’s views would have been clouded by the incident anyway.


    thanks – good decision and thanks for the explanation.


    If Jules gets better, maybe we could reopen the rate the race? based purely on the racing alone and the battles.


    I would like to express a different PoV, if that is even allowed here. I really completely struggle to see how running either of the polls would have been inappropriate, and more than that, show disrespect to Jules and the condition he is in.

    Maybe this is a Western/British value, I don’t know. But I find this concept hard to grasp. Things should continue going on as per normal.

    Again, this is my own point of view on this subject matter.

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