Ricciardo vs Vergne – the duel

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    Red Bull had been doing some videos of their Junior drivers and I came across a video of a great battle in Formula Renault between Ricciardo and Vergne.

    The video is pretty cool and shot really well so I thought I’d share as it’s defo worth a watch – http://www.redbull.tv/Destination-One/Destination-One-s01e09

    Also wondered how people think these two will get on? I think it’s going to be impossible to know if they’re doing a better job than Jaime and Buemi but it will be interesting to see how they got on against eachother.


    Nice vid!

    I’m thinking that, for the early part of the season at least, Ricciardo should have the upper hand for the sole reason that he already has F1 race experience under his belt. They should be pretty evenly matched in the second half of the season.


    I don’t know much about Vergne, Ricciardo won Monaco 2010 and 2011 (i think) in F3.5 I’d expect him to edge it to start with at least


    @GeorgeDaviesF1 Winning in F1 in Monaco is special because it’s the circuit where driver probably can make the most difference (comparing all tracks in the dry). In spec formulae like WSR all the pace difference is setup- and driver-derived. To be faster in Monaco is just about the same as being faster elsewhere.

    Looking back at the 2010 WSR season; Vergne was parachuted in as a replacement for Brendon Hartley; and thus was teammates to Ricciardo for the last 6 races.

    In that stretch of time, Vergne got the following positions: 1, 2, 3, 3, 5, 11.
    Ricciardo got: 1, 1, 2, 4, 11, DNF

    Ricciardo got 1 more win; but was less consistent otherwise in terms of podium showings.

    The points tally, if you take the results from only the last 6 races, were Ricciardo 50, and Vergne 53.


    Anyone who’s followed Vergne in F3 and WSR will know he doen’t take time to get used to a new car or category, whether he can do that in F1 remains to be seen but I wouldn’t bet against it. I think he’ll be right there with Ricciardo… and could finish ahead.


    I personally hope Vergne wipes that insufferable smugness off Ricciardo’s face.

    In other news, I’m still bitter about Alguersuari losing his seat. Just maybe…


    While I believe that Vergne will match Ricciardo, I really hope the aussie DESTROYS him. He’s just an insufferable little brat who thinks he has the right to trash Webber and think he’s better than him just because he finally got a ride.

    NB: I’m not even a Webber fan, hell, I like him the least out of the top 6 drivers.

    Should be a good fight though. They seem to get along pretty well, too.


    @pamphlet That could just be Helmut Marko telling him to say it. From the interviews I’ve seen with JEV, I don’t think he’s the kind of person who would say things like that.

    I think it’s going to be one of the best team-battles this season, right up there with the three Mercedes engined teams. Dan has some F1 experience but I believe JEV is the slightly more talented of the two. Will definitely be fascinating to see it unfold.


    @pamphlet @Electrolite where has all this trash about JEV and Ricciardo being smug/arrogant sons of guns come from? Not once have I seen anything that tells me they are arrogant/smug.

    @katederby Absolutely. Vergne is very adaptable and a very quick learn.


    Am I right in thinking, if you dont make it with the Red Bull backing, they effectively throw you out?

    Brendon Hartley
    Sebastian Bourdais
    Christian Klien
    Micheal Ammermuller
    Robert Doornbos


    How do you mean? If you don’t impress your employers; they let you go – pretty much similar to most other employers; except it’s much harder to impress employers in Formula One


    WOW WOW WOW! I am so excited to be a Toro Rosso fan this year.

    The very first race and these two are battling for the final points positions, going side by side into the final corners. Was gutted Di Resta nicked the final point off JEV but both STR guys drove a great race after ending up near the back after being caught in the start crash.


    I have no idea about where Ricciardo got that reputation from, but I think all that stuff about Vergne comes from this piece of news http://www.crash.net/f1/news/175055/1/vergne_i_could_do_webbers_job.html
    Though if I remember correctly he did afterwards say that he was misquoted.


    What happened to Ricciardo in Q3? Did he try to set a time, or was he ordered not to? If he’d started 7th or 8th instead of 10th, maybe he could have stayed out of trouble on the first lap.

    No point saving tyres for the race if you end up changing them after one lap!


    @bullfrog It’s not like Daniel knew he’d be involved in the first lap incident. Especially not as heavily involved as he was (dropped to last, 20 seconds behind Bruno).

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