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    Well I’ve gotta say I wasn’t expecting Kubica’s current standings in the WDC during pre-season testing, and I think I’m not alone. Renault have really pulled together since the “crash-gate” scandal and I’m very impressed. However, I wonder, will Kubica stay with Renault, if he’s offered a better team’s seat? Would you? I sure would stay with Renault seeing as the team is developing in an amazing pace, but what if he becomes like some other drivers in the past, and demands a race winning car, and this will lead to his demise? (in the sport of course) Comments?


    Kubica is a driver with clear an obvious championship potential, seemingly team mobile and everyone knows it. One way or another, he’s probably going to be in a championship worthy car at some point.

    Still he ain’t mooving out of Renault this year because the markets closed, from Renault Kubica’s only moove could be down. However as an obvious championship contender he does have the right to demand a championship worthy car.

    Seems he may well get one at Renault next year (unlikley) or the year after if the teams progress continues. Remember Renault have only prooved they can develop a car, which we already knew, it is quite a different thing to design a car an develop it over the winter.

    If Kubica does find himself in a winning car next year, again it depends how winning a car he finds himself in, he will almost certainly stick around with Renault to have a crack at the championships. It depends mostly on the man, Renault will do anything to keep him now, he has a team on the up willing to be built around him. Logically you’d say this is his best choice untill they start to decline. On the other hand, if he finds himself in a championship winning car he will be expected to win it, otherwise the magic may ware thin.


    Well I’ll put my hands up and admit I was wrong about Kubica. Last year I was very critical of Kubica and was arguing that he was over rated as a driver. Although I still think Kubica was dissapointing last year he’s proven himself again this year with some brilliant performances. He’s also much happier at Renault than he was the obsessively data and target driven BMW team and I think they’ll make a great partnership over the next couple of years.

    Ned Flanders

    I can’t see Kubica leaving Renault anytime soon. Where would he go? Let’s look at the options: Red Bull have no vacanices until 2012, Ferrari and McLaren ’til 2013 (I think). I’m not entirely sure about Mercedes- Schumacher has a three year contract, but who know’s what sort of opt out clauses might be in there. I don’t think he’d want to go back to Sauber, Williams couldn’t offer him a good enough car, and the other teams don’t even warrant a mention.

    So, for 2011 at least, it’s between Mercedes and Renault. If I were him, I’d probably choose Renault; they are a team which has existed for decades, won countless GP’s and a few championships, and, most importantly, appears to be on the up after a few tough years. Mercedes, in their previous incarnations as BAR/ Brawn/ Honda, have only ever had sporadic success until 2009, though presumably they could offer him higher wages

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