Grosjean “on a three race rolling contract”

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    Bazza Spock

    Lotus should’ve dumped grosjean at the end of last year. I just read this ( http://www.speedcafe.com/2013/05/28/lotus-f1-team-rocked-by-colossal-financial-loss/ ) — surely having someone as unreliable as grosjean is a major liability. They should’ve hired hulkenberg. With Kimi’s strong perfomances and a 2nd reliable driver Lotus could’ve earned big buck taking 2nd in the constructor’s championship this year…

    Aish Heydrich

    @tdog: Most of it is not confidential, but you are correct, in our audit line, client confidentiality is utmost important otherwise it’s professional misconduct on our part. But their financial crisis is public, as somebody here posted, their extravagant publicity stunts are also known. Plus this is just a minor blog where I come for fun and news, nobody from work come here anyway, plus my moniker is fake, I’m hedged as far as my work is concerned. No worries. :)
    I was just reflecting on the fact that their venture is not very economically feasible now, but Grosjean has little to do with it, even if they had somebody like Kubica they’d have incurred the same losses or even more as his wage would have been higher.


    Weren’t there rumors that a buyer came very close to buying Lotus? I wonder who that buyer was…

    In any case, Total should be smart and start looking for other French drivers they can replace Grosjean with. I’m actually thinking along the lines of a certain Jean-Eric Vergne.

    Also, perhaps Lotus can make good use of Pastor Maldonado’s money…

    Aish Heydrich

    ^Yes he wanted 2% stake from Genii Capital and Ventures. He got it too but he is no owner. Attends Board Meetings too but doesn’t take active participation in any management decision.


    @aish – good post and keep them coming, as an accountant I love to see the financial side of F1, BUT please dont comprimise at the risk of your career!!

    This whole post has been about Grosjean on a rolling 3 race contact as per Eddie Jordan?? If so has anyone confirmed this, as I cant see the case to be honest??

    Romain has been really disappointing for me this year. Yes he made mistakes last year but was fast, keen and seemed he would get REAL good this year. It seems his 2nd crack at F1 wont be great either, he did well for a few podiums but I thought he might be a contender- he wont :(

    I was surprised he could think to blame Ricciardo for the chicane crash, but must be desperate. As for a mid year sacking, I can see why but hope they will give him a few more races…………………………….

    Aish Heydrich

    @garns: Oh good, you’re an accountant as well, where are you from? :) Have you done a Professional Accounting course/degree? I went through hell for 5 years of my life, which I can never get back, I want to but I can’t, as I did a course called Chartered Accountancy (equivalent of CPA in USA or CA in England and Wales). I failed too many times but I’m glad to have cleared it at age 25. Life’s not so good as an Accountant or a Finance guy, and F1 is my only recreation. Should’ve just done an MBA, life would have been much more interesting. :P

    Not a single accountant is known for being in F1, it’s all about engineers, managers and of course drivers.


    Hi Aish,

    Yes mate, I done a dregree in Commerce (accounting & finance) and the Australian Chartered Account course- a ball breaker. The CA here would be similar to the UK version, the CPA different and easier to get through. But once its done, its done!!

    I have been to Paddock Club the past 2 years in Melbourne and at Suzuka last year. in 2012 I made 3 contacts with PR people from Red Bull, Williams and Mercedes. These people were talking to Paddock Club people on the pit walks- my wife and I were the only westerners on the first pit walk on the friday in Suzuka (that I saw anyway), and these people gravitated to us as they had a PR job to do, many Japanese dont speak english and my Webber hat was a dead give away that I spoke English :)

    These contacts proved fruitful for us as we got close up looks at the cars, a full tour of the Williams pit and a walk of the Paddock- Gold! I saw all 3 in Melbourne this year. One looks after Webber day to day, another now promoted to brand manager at Williams the the last dealing with Hamilton as account manager for a major sponsor ( his first few months with Lewis he couldnt have spoke higher of him- times may change LOL).

    All 3 (I think) have studied MBA & Sports Marketing – not a lick of accounting in there mate. I think salaries on F1 mechanics are pretty poor but these 3 would now be on decent money, only to get better.
    But you’re right Aish, not too many accountants ruling the roost in F1 !! I think Adrian Newey may do doing better that the RBR accountant LOL !!

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