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    Yep, pretty much has to go to Kobayashi. Hlk is obviously impressive and has heaps of potential, but somehow I have a bad feeling he could end up being another Trulli, great at qualifying and nothing else. Petrov has certainly shown he’s bold enough to be a great driver, but he’s still got some serious refinement to work on first. I think he’s earned a spot with a backmarker maybe. DiGrassi hasn’t been too impressive. I honestly don’t think Senna and Chandhok can really be judged fairly at all based on the non-existent competition the car has brought to the table. I think they both deserve another FULL season in a back to midfield team to either show their worth or prove their uselessness. Alguersuari has shown some spark, but much like the HRT drivers he’s been trying to compete in a car with very little development, although they at least started in a much better position than the new teams. I won’t at all be surprised if Torro Rosso is the slowest car on the grid next year once the new teams get the injections of revenue they all supposedly have in the pipeline.


    You can’t really call Kobayashi a true rookie though. 2 races in 2009. And even if you do, he’s made some clangers this season.


    Kobayashi of course. But there are some “but’s”. First of all outpacing Pedro de la Rosa isn’t all that impressive. The guy hasn’t raced a full F1 season since 2002 and had raced for the last time in 2006. Despite the testing he did in the bridging years, he looked too old and too un-excited to run with the fast kids from the beginning. Nick Heidfeld took his seat and since then gathered more points than Kobayashi.

    I think Senna and Di Grassi didn’t do a good job, but neither had a good team to support them. Di Grassi has the best track-record before F1, and perhaps deserves another year to prove himself. I never saw much in Chandhok and Petrov, and I still don’t. I hope next year Pastor Maldonado and Jules Bianchi get a chance, although I read Bianchi signed as a test-driver with Ferrari. Too bad, we need some Michel Valiant-type of Frenchman back in F1.

    sbl on tour

    think “the hucklebuck” sorry hulkenberg is the man, after all he is in the record books as a pole sitter

    all those others will probably sink without trace (although I might be wrong)



    I’m adamant not to jump on this Kobayashi train, he’s good but not as good as everyone is making out. Drivers have good races it’s not uncommon. He’s far too aggressive anyway, he was inviting trouble at Suzuka and luckily for him he got away with it.

    Anyway I would say Hulkenberg, he’s kept up with Barrichello in the last 3rd of the season which is not easy for a rookie.

    Dan Thorn

    With Kobayashi though I don’t think I’ve seen him retire or have an incident as a result of his kamikaze passes. Maybe once early in the season (China?) but he’s proven to be pretty trouble free. It’s almost like the Senna mentality of “I’m coming through and if you defend we’re going to have an accident”.

    The main thing he needs to improve is his qualifying pace, but the amount of points he’s collected with that car is very impressive and he’s driven very maturely.


    Liuzzi spun into Kobayashi in China. More than 100% Liuzzi’s fault.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    Petrov vs Hamilton was quite fun too in China? (or one of the early tilkedromes)


    Red Andy

    I’m adamant not to jump on this Kobayashi train, he’s good but not as good as everyone is making out.

    I agree. I was impressed with him in his first races for Toyota last year, but since then he hasn’t really improved. Yes, he overtakes, which is a rarity in F1 these days, but his qualifying pace is still poor and now that he’s got a known quantity for a teammate he suddenly looks far less impressive. Maybe with the correct guidance he can hone his obvious talent, but at the moment it’s far too early to be banding about phrases like “future world champion” or even “future race winner.”


    He just out qualified Heidfeld four times over the last five qualifying sessions. And scored more points as well.

    Dan Thorn > Montreal, he had a collision with hulkenberg during first lap.

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