Rosberg and Kubica

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    First off I’m no languages expert. I’ve noticed though that Nico Rosberg pronounces Kubica’s name as “Koo-Bika”, which I am 99% sure is incorrect as it should be pronounced “Koo-Beat-za” [Or similar]. I would have thought that being a native German, a country close to Poland would have meant that Rosberg was more likely to be able to pronounce his name correctly.

    Then again I’m probably overlooking the fact that Rosberk is effectively Monengasque in terms of upbringing…


    I have no idea who to say Kubica myself. I say “Q- bit–za” or just Robert. I have no idea how to say Algeusari either, it’s different every time I say it.

    sbl on tour

    well steph, youd better learn how to pronounce algeusari cos he will racing again next year (for some reason)


    He told us how to pronounce his rather annoying name in a rather annoying fashion at his first race on the BBC coverage.

    It is “High-mee Alg-uh-sh-wary” [“wary” as in “soiree”, and [“Hay-mee” in a really annoying high-pitched squeak]

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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