Ross Brawn to leave Mercedes for McLaren?

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    Sportbild: Ross Brawn leaving Mercedes at the end of the year, replaced by Lowe, rumored to join McLaren-Honda

    I’m not sure about this one, but someone did mention McLaren saying they had made non-driver signings that would be headline-grabbing. Also a Mercedes/Brawn split has been rumored for a while now. This might be the conclusion?

    Original in German: http://sportbild.bild.de/SPORT/formel-1/2013/10/07/ross-brawn/verlaesst-mercedes.html


    Might be, pretty logical considering he worked for Honda last time they were in F1 and with them returning in 2015…

    A shame for Mercedes though, I think he fits the team and to be fair, their car this year is really fast. Just not as fast as Red Bull’s, but that goes for every other team on the grid as well.

    Lucas Wilson

    McLaren have denied Ross is going to them, so on the basis of past quotes like this….



    If that’s the case I don’t think it bodes well for Hamilton. I think strange things are a-brewing at Mercedes as witnessed by the failure to bring Hamilton into the pit and the lack of an order for Rosberg to fall behind Lewis with the damaged wing.

    I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that Mercedes would leave Hamilton out when he was 3-4 seconds slower than Rosberg over many laps. I just have never seen a team do that to their driver before. It was so bizarre that the NBC commentators literally ridiculed the situation with Dave Hobbs role-playing as Lewis. What else could they do? Just a really, really bizarre race from Mercedes.


    I’d heard rumours Brawn wanted to buy Williams like he did with Honda, but none of him moving to McLaren. I think he’s a valuable addition wherever he goes.


    @fixy Haven’t heard that. That would be bizarre. A resurrection of Brawn GP some years later as a totally different team.

    If he wants to be really bad-ass he should win both championships again in the first year, sell the team off right after, bow out, retire and go fishing and never look back.

    Though I don’t think Williams would ever drop their name.


    Hasn’t Bild been wrong about a lot of their rumors lately though?

    Aish Heydrich

    In that case Merc GP will be in big trouble. They are nothing without Brawn. And now they’ll be more dependent on Lewis because he is a genius when it comes to setting up his car, he did the same at McLaren and even Button is not that good like Lewis.
    I think it’s all dirty politics at McLaren, they wanted Mercedes to lure Lewis into joining them, get him a year with Brawn, and then get Brawn for McLaren, Button stays for sure (ignore all Alonso rumours, Alo doesn’t care a pirelli rubber for McLaren) and then have everything play into their hands.

    Aish Heydrich

    @Fisha695: Have they? I thought they were mightily accurate. Typical Germans.


    A good kick up the backside from Ross Brawn is exactly what McLaren needs right now.

    Andre Furtado

    Ross to McLaren, Alonso back to McLaren, Hulk to Ferrari, and Massa to lotus.


    If anyone can sort McLaren out, it’s Ross Brawn. He did the same for Honda, and we all know how crucial he was in Ferrari’s success. Plus, Ross has worked with Jenson before, and they enjoyed their time together. Obviously the last part isn’t really what seals the deal, but having a good working relationship with the drivers definitely helps.


    Button/Brawn/Honda… Woking!?

    Hamilton/Low/Mercedes… Brackley!?


    Here are three important things:

    1) Some time ago, rumors of Brawn leaving Mercedes after they signed Paddy Lowe


    2) Saturday news of McLaren to announce major technical signing:


    3) BBC Sport says sources confirm them they Brawn has not been signed by McLaren


    Who knows at this point, but it doesn’t look too unlikely.


    @freelittlebirds, I also found Mercedes strategy completely bizarre, and I’ve also found it strange that no-one within Mercedes have since come out and say the strategy was wrong in hindsight – or that their awful strategy has been discussed much by the media following the GP.

    Back to the thread’s subject, after this Sunday I’m no longer sure it would be so bad for Hamilton if Lowe were to replace Brawn. After Malaysia (when Hamilton expressed his doubt that they had done the right thing by holding position) Brawn said something along the lines that he wanted his drivers to respect the decision making from the pit wall.

    It’s been something of a popular belief, though, that sometimes a driver should overrule the pit wall, and decide to come in or stay out as he sees fit. Perhaps under Lowe Hamilton will gain the confidence to make those calls, and not stay out when the state of his tyres have transformed his Mercedes into a Marussia.

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