Ross Brawn to leave Mercedes for McLaren?

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    @calum That is quite astonishing really, as long as Brawn does go to McLaren and Button stays for 2015.


    It was Peter Prodromou who was the first name I thought of when I heard Macca were getting ready to announce a “headline” technical signing, rather than Brawn.

    (The head of aerodynamics at RedBull Racing)

    Prisoner Monkeys

    Niki Lauda’s comments on wanting Brawn to stay are strange, because they will surely set the rumour mill aflame. He could have said nothing, and nobody would have any reason to believe that Brawn would be going anywhere.

    Lauda’s comments make it pretty clear that if Brawn is considering leaving, then he hasn’t decided one way or the other yet. So he’s not the technical signing Martin Whitmarsh was talking about – but it wouldn’t surprise me if they were trying to tempt him over by recruiting lesser-known but highly talented designers to the team. They have Matt Morris from Sauber, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they’re getting Jason Sommerville from Williams (who solved a lot of the problems with the FW33) and Prodromou from Red Bull (who probably sees a lot of his work credited to Adrian Newey), as Calum said. So a technical team of up-and-coming designers led by Ross Brawn could really revitalise McLaren. And it might be enough to get Alonso back – although he rejected the initial talk of leaving Ferrari, a strong technical team would be very appealing.


    Any ideas as to how the team dynamics will change were Ross Brawn to leave . I know that Ross is a pit wall genius and all , but will the top heavy structure collapse without Ross . I wonder if bringing Paddy Lowe will improve their development rate . To be fair , Mecedes have done better than expected in 2013 . But the question is will they be able to compete with the bezerk development pace of Red Bull if Brawn leaves?

    I think the rumours have a certain truth , as Lewis has said that he supports Brawn in whatever decision he makes but on asking if the team will fall back if Brawn leaves , he said No. Further , Lauda has stated that they are in negotiations with Ross .


    @calum good call on prodromou mate!

    Prisoner Monkeys

    McLaren reckon Prodromou is “just the beginning”.


    Whitmarsh had this to say :

    “I’ve known Ross for 20 years, I get along with him, but I don’t see Ross (coming) here now.”


    Brawn in for Bernie may be :)


    Someone said on Sky last weekend that he might leave as he wanted to be completely in charge and Wolff was getting in the way so if that is true, then I don’t see how it would work with Whitmarsh unless he wants a completely different challenge.


    @Zoey I would love to see Brawn replace Bernie! – not quiet sure why though, I just think he already has some of the best experience (at running a team at least, I know that’s not running F1) and could probs do it for a good 5 years, but I doubt we will get a new owner of F1 that would stay in power for 30+ years


    This a very bizarre (and late!) silly season. I love it!

Viewing 12 posts - 16 through 27 (of 27 total)
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