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    I watched Rush earlier tonight and I generally enjoyed it, although some of the acting was below-par at times. I give eight out of ten.


    I have to ask, did James Hunt really beat up that journalist who asked Lauda that inappropriate question?

    Delta Golf Sierra

    No, that incident didn’t really happen. From what I’ve read, punching someone would have been very out-of-character for James Hunt.

    Here’s a pretty good comparison of the movie with reality:


    @slr One review from an established F1 journo said that it categorically did not happen and was very much out of Hunt’s character.


    @Slr @GeeMac @cumulonimbus In fairness to the film makers Hunt did throw punches at a few marshals in his time so it wasn’t completely out of character. The incident with the journalist didn’t happen, though Lauda did face that sort of horrible questioning from some journalists that are portrayed in the press conference scene.

    From the reviews I’ve read here are two F1 journalists who took exception to that scene – Maurice Hamilton:

    I felt uncomfortable with the characterisation of Hunt as a thug in a scene in which he beats up a journalist. It needs to be said straightaway that the writer deserved a good going over. But Hunt was not the man to do it.

    And Richard Williams:

    The scene in which he savagely beats up a reporter from a British newspaper is not just a fiction but a travesty.

    I’d say that scene is probably the biggest liberty he film takes with the truth – unless you count Hunt having made it as far as Karussel by the time Lauda rejoins the track after his pit stop at the Nurburgring!


    Thanks guys for your answers! :)

    unless you count Hunt having made it as far as Karussel by the time Lauda rejoins the track after his pit stop at the Nurburgring!

    I too noticed that whilst watching the film.


    It looked and sounded fantastic. They’ve gone to town on the 70s costumes and details (like Argo), and room-shaking engines alone make it worth seeing on the big screen. Some lovely details too: a guy in the drivers’ meeting looked amazingly like Patrick Depailler, and Simon Taylor as the TV commentator sounded more authentic to me than the American scene-setting guy in Senna.

    Some scenes overdid the drama, and made it less convincing for me: did they have to bang wheels – in the rain – every time they overtook? Senna and Schumacher’s dirty racing was years away…
    It wouldn’t have hurt to show Hunt and Lauda as friendly off the track from the early days.
    And the script was very awkward in places – the early Hesketh scenes, and the airport encounter at the end sounded like a bad stage production to me. The journalist-beating scene looked like it had escaped from an action movie, although I’d been forewarned by Joe Saward’s review (another critic of that scene to add to the list).

    So a few things didn’t ring true, but Lauda’s accident and recuperation was suitably painful to watch, and my abiding memory will be the acting and the depth it brought to both characters. It was good to see the “coming soon: Turbo” posters on the way out, but I suspect Rush will be the best of this year’s racing movies. Two hours flew by, certainly quicker than during some of this year’s races.


    Those were exactly the reviews I was referring to @keithcollantine. I know he did take a swing at a few marshals, but he did feel almost immediate remorse when he did that.

    sleazy johns

    I haven’t seen the movie yet, but seeing who the film director is (I never saw any car racing films directed by him as yet:)) and who the main characters are, I should think it won’t disappoint me. Let’s see………

    Prisoner Monkeys

    There’s a reason why you haven’t seen any motorsport films directed by Ron Howard: “Rush” is his first.

    Benjamin Hoffmann

    Just saw the film, absolutely epic! So many great moments that send shivers down your spine.

    Reading a few reviews beforehand i was prepared for a couple of inaccuracies and i put some of those down to the difficulties of actually racing priceless classics. They tried to film as much as they could using the real cars and not CG so you have to give them credit for that. I didn’t really mind the little mistakes like upshifting for every overtake etc… The most obvious being Hunt already at the Karusell as Keith mentioned.

    The film was clearly not meant to be a documentary and if you don’t have that expectation you can’t help but love it. The close up shots of the cars and the lovely 70s sets are worth watching all on their own.
    As for the acting i have to mention that i’m half German and live in Germany. I usually watch films in English but it wasn’t possible this time. Because Lauda does some of the pre-/post race analysis on German tv i can tell you that Daniel Brühl did a perfect impression of him. He sounded just like a younger Lauda, very impressive!

    Haven’t enjoyed a movie like this for a long time, a definite thumbs up. Can’t wait for the bluray ;-)


    I really enjoyed the film in spite of the historical liberties taken, it is a dramatisation after all. Good pace, but the little bit of swearing in the film is off putting. It just seemed contrived and out of place. Either you go the whole hog “Glengarry Glenross” style or just leave it out. It’s just sounded a bit lazy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no wowser and I can make complete sentences, paragraphs out of bad language but it jus didn t seem to fit. It is recommended though.


    Finally saw it tonight – absolutely blew me away. It exceeded my expectation by miles.

    The best thing about the movie was the tone, the style. The dangers of motorsport, the mentality, clothing, cars, the music, the directing, it all fits together perfectly.

    The story itself was a bit Hollywoodized, as expected of course. Still, it had some great geeky things too. One of my favourite scenes was the drivers’ briefing at the Nürburgring, trying to recognize the drivers (“that’s Pescarolo, I recognize that beard anywhere…”).

    I have to say, I was a bit disappointed the story line focussed on Hunt and Lauda so much. Of course, there is enough material from the 1976 season to form a trilogy (way too much for one film!), but things like the only victory for the six-wheeler or the only victories for Penske went a bit amiss unfortunately.

    Overall, a brilliant movie. I saw it with two other: one knows a little bit, the other doesn’t really know much about F1, but both really enjoyed it as well. And I guess that’s the strength of this movie, it is aimed at a wide audience, but it isn’t dummied down to a level that annoys the fans.

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