Schumacher's 100th win?

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    Micheal Schumacher currently holds the record for most race victories- 91 to be exact. That’s 40 more than Alain Prost, and 50 more than Senna.

    But will he ever reach the magic 100 wins?

    Schumacher and Mercedes are talking up their chances of challenging for race wins this season, and it’s looking increasingly likely that he’ll still be here for 2012.

    So do you think he’ll ever get to 100, before he retires for good? And do you even think that Schumacher cares? One thing’s for sure though, if it ever does happen, it will be a simply massive achievement, and one that I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s never surpassed.


    I don’t really think so to be honest. He’d have to be a solid title contender in both seasons left, and I think instead that Merc will only be fighting for wins every so often at least this year. Love to be proved wrong though.

    On a slightly different note does anyone think his 68 poles may be surpassed by someone like Vettel (15) or Hamilton (who took 17 poles in his first 3 years)?


    Pole positions? I’m not sure. Senna only had 3 less than Schumacher, which is obviously very close. But after Senna it drops right down to 33 (Jim Clark).

    Like I said previously, I’ll be hugely surprised if anyone overtakes Schumacher’s victory count. I think beating his pole positions is more likely, especially with the likes of Vettel- who’s a bit of a qualy specialist.

    In the end though, it depends not only on the drivers’ ability, but the length of their career.


    I can’t see it happening to be honest. Might be asking a bit too much from the W02 as it currently stands.


    I don’t think so, the field is just too competitive at the moment.


    I’d be pretty surprised if he added even one…


    my thoughts are that if Schumacher wanted the record, he wouldn’t have retired. For that reason, I don’t think he’s interested in obtaining 100 wins. I’d personally like to see him achieving that goal over two years (definitely not in one year…!). Will he do it? well that depends on Mercedes car. This year, he might be able to challenge for the odd win, but then again he’ll have to beat his teammate first

    Ned Flanders

    It’s possible, but pretty unlikely. Consider how many drivers have won 9 or more races in a two year period over the last 5 seasons:

    Alonso: 11 in 2006 & 2007

    Massa: 9 in 2007 & 2008

    Hamilton: 9 in 2007 & 2008

    Vettel: 9 in 2009 & 2010

    (NB- if it wasn’t for Max Mosley’s McLaren hate it would have been 10 for Hamilton and 8 for Massa…)

    So, it’s possible, but Mercedes would need to produce a championship challenging car for two consecutive season, and I don’t see them being capable of that. Besides, even if they did, what’s to say Rosberg wouldn’t beat him to the win every race?


    Ned, can you clarify your opinion on the Spa 2008 penalty? I’m sorry to bring this up, and to go off topic, but I see a lot of people mention this still, and I still maintain that it was a fair penalty.

    As I see it, Kimi defended his line very well into the right hander of the bus stop, legally squeezing Hamilton wide, just as Hamilton did to others at the hairpin at Hockenheim, for example.

    If Hamilton did not cut the chicane, he would have been forced to lift and pull in behind Kimi for the left hander, costing him some time. If he had done this, there was very little chance he would have been able to overtake as easy as he did into Turn 1. So regardless of his half-hearted attempt to let Kimi back through, I think that he did gain an advantage.



    I know you’re specifically asking Ned, but I thought I’d offer my opinion as well. In short, I agree with you. Raikkonen did nothing wrong, and it was stupid of Hamilton to even attempt to overtake there, irregardless of what happened next. Cutting the chicane gave Hamilton an obvious advantage. That overtake simply wouldn’t have happened if he’d followed Raikkonen around the chicane properly. This is not a matter of opinion; it’s fact.

    Ned Flanders

    That’s all true, but then Raikkonen went and stuck his car in the wall before Hamilton had a chance to give the position back. I can understand why the stewards did what they did, and blaming Mosley was a bit sensationalist on my part. But, the punishment did not fit the crime. F1 really shot itself in the foot that day


    I can see him getting 4 or 5 for sure but it’ll be tough for him to get 9 in two years, especially considering Mercedes isn’t likely to be a title contender this year.


    I can’t even see him getting one win with his Mercedes swan song never mind nine.


    It would be pretty incredible if he did. Either way I doubt if his record of wins will ever be surpassed. Who knows though, much could change in the future…


    If he race next season & have good cars in 2011 & 2012 then may be.

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