Schumacher's 100th win?

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    @Ned – I think the punishment was fair, as that’s what would have happened if it was any other driver battling for 15th or whatever. It was just unfortunate that it had a big impact on the championship points.

    Also, Hamilton had a history of not redressing a position (Magny-Cours), so maybe his past record contributed to the decision.

    @VettelS – that’s fine, I was interested to hear your opinion as well.


    9 wins in 2 seasons with the field as close as it appears to be…nope, I don’t see it happening.


    “That’s all true, but then Raikkonen went and stuck his car in the wall before Hamilton had a chance to give the position back”

    Yep but that’s a bit like with Silverstone how Kubica retired before Alonso gave the positon back (albeit that was more Fernando’s fault as he was given warning but you see what I mean, if the position can’t be given back or isn’t given back then penalty). The problem I had was with the stewards seemingly being inconsistent but I think the penalty was right. Agree with you Ed.


    I don’t think he’ll give a damn about getting to 100 to be honest when the record is already his and largely untouchable. Would be great though, but I doubt he’ll get anywhere near it.


    One would be tough, let alone 9…


    I wouldn’t rule it out, Schumacher had the pace off Rosberg in the latter part of last season, so now he is well and truly up to speed he’ll most likely gain an advantage over him. If the W02 is up to the challenge then don’t underestimate the experience he has in leading races. 20 grand Prix’s for a season with 2 seasons most likely left. It is is very much possible.


    If the Merc had looked this good last year, yeh, I would say 100 was in his reach. But in two years? I don’t see it happening.

    Also, Spa was ridiculous. The only guy who lost out from the corner-cutting didn’t finish the race. The race-winner was the guy who was running lower than his qualifying position. These two facts and these two alone are evidence enough of the stupidity of the decision.


    I believe the magic number, in this case 100, is what drives him to continue as well as his passion for the sport. Can he get there? I will never write off Michael Schumacher as he does and can do the impossible though it looks a little out of reach going off the 2010 season. With that said, if Schumi has a competitive care for the next couple of seasons he is in with a fighting chance.


    I think the competition will be too fierce for MS to take many more wins if any. He simply doesn’t have all the advantages he had in past years when he compiled all those numbers. Nowhere even close. I also think that he should not have been allowed to keep his wins from 97 when he was stripped of his points and his second place standing in the Championship after he whacked JV in Jerez. How can you have zero points and still get to keep your poles and wins for the year? In general MS’s numbers are tainted by a massive drive by the FIA to see him succeed at all costs, and by his unethical behaviour and his contracted bootlickers for teammates helping him by not competing against him. Also, the qualifying format has changed a few times in more recent years, so comparing to Senna and Prost is not apples to apples either.


    Gotta agree with Robbie on this one. Schumi definitely took good advantage of his team’s support and political influence, bridgestone’s undivided attention, unlimited testing and resources, and a teammate that was paid to finish behind him. Right now the playing field is a little different, he doesn’t have a race winning car, or any of the privileges he has in his earlier career. Additionally, the F1 grid today is the most talented/competitive I have seen in nearly 2 decades. Rosberg isn’t the most talented driver on the grid, and yet he made Schumi look pretty bad in the same equipment. I shudder to think what would happen to Schumi if he was paired up against Hamilton, Alonso, Vettel and Kubica. The chances of Schumi reaching 100 victories is almost next to none.. I think if he could take one more win he should be pretty happy.


    Schumacher didn’t exactly benefit in 2005 from Bridgestones undivided attention!!


    How can you have zero points and still get to keep your poles and wins for the year?

    I don’t see anyone saying Mclaren should have 161 wins instead of 169.


    Certainly depends on the car. I’m utterly astonished by how a lot of people make assumptions of Schumacher’s form after a single season, which Mercedes basically canceled after half a year anyway.

    Schumacher has always been a top performer, no matter what the rule changes were, with 2005 being an exception due to Bridgestone failing to produce a competitive tyre. Smaller rear wings in ’95, narrower cars + grooved tyres in ’98 and so on.

    I think people underestimate the impact of him coming back after such a long time in such a competitive field.

    That said, while I do think breaking those 100 victories will be very hard, I can definitely imagine him winning a few races in ’11 and ’12.


    I reckon taking it up to 95 is achieveable (i.e two a season) but unless Mercedes produce a brilliant car next year or Schumi doesn’t retire in 2012 then 100 is possible.

    Hows this for a scenario though:

    After 2012, Ross Brawn leaves Mercedes to take up a co-principal role with Horner at Red Bull and with Webber leaving they draft in Schumacher to play a mentor role to Vettel for a year or two?


    @Jarred. I really do not think Vettel will need a mentor in 2012, but then again, I guess 2011 will give us a good idea of how much Vettel has matured. Personally, I do not think Schumi will not want to be paired with Vettel either.

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