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    I have created a simple searchable index of the offical Formula 1 TV Archive: https://x1z.net/
    You can view simple lists of the 3 types of content they have — Full Races, Race Highlights, and Documentaries, and there is a driver search function to find all content relating to a specific driver.

    Hope you all find it useful. Comments and feedback are welcome, either here or on Reddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/formula1/comments/94wgv1/searchable_index_of_official_f1_tv_archive/)


    @Mtlracer. Very nice! How would you feel about adding our Rate the Race scores to it?


    Excellent idea @keithcollantine! Let me know what the best way for me to get the list (or we can discuss it by email).


    I’ve added the RaceFans ratings for 43 races that appear on the Top 100 and have the full race video (and the one highlights that it applies to, 2009 Belgian GP).


    @MtlRacer Sure drop me a message via the contact form or similar and I’ll find a way to supply the data in a useful form.


    Another update:
    RaceFans Rated list: https://x1z.net/racefans.php
    List only includes the 158 rated pre-2018 races that have either the full race or highlights video available in the F1TV Archive.


    Search by Circuit enabled!
    Spa-Francorchamps has hosted 50 races: https://x1z.net/circuit.php?circuit=Spa


    Race Highlights recently to the the F1 TV Archive:
    1981 Monaco Grand Prix
    1982 Austrian Grand Prix
    1982 German Grand Prix
    1982 Monaco Grand Prix
    1982 San Marino Grand Prix
    1983 Austrian Grand Prix
    1983 San Marino Grand Prix
    1983 South African Grand Prix
    1984 Austrian Grand Prix
    1984 Detroit Grand Prix
    1984 Monaco Grand Prix
    1984 Portuguese Grand Prix
    1985 Portuguese Grand Prix

    Follow @X1Znet on twitter to receive future updates.

    kelly felix

    There is a service to watch the full race ?


    Yes, depending on your country and subscription (F1TV or F1TV-pro), you can watch full race live with multiple camera angles. Most places can watch full replay “shortly” after the race (delays also depend on country).

    My site (https://x1z.net/) is an index of the F1TV site that allows to search for content from the archive (ie, 2017 and before). It does index videos from this year, but the main purpose is to make it easy to find “classic” content… such as all the videos for a driver’s podiums (search by driver).
    (Obviously, this doesn’t allow you to watch any videos without a proper subscription.)

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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