Seb Vettel – why all the hatred?

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    Ie Istanbul 2010- Webber was told to turn down his engine for fuel saving so that Vettel could simply breeze past.
    Silverstone 2010- Speaks for itself.
    Monza 2010- Vettel was ran long so that he would jump Webber who was currently ahead of him.

    That I cannot argue with, although there’s no rule preventing favoritism.

    Nonetheless, I believe Vettel’s fanbase will grow quite a bit bigger if he goes to Ferrari, see the tifosi. I think it’s Red Bull in general that people dislike, and I can’t blame them because Horner wrote the book of grey rules, Vettel is innocent in every incident, and their energy drinks are horrible. Monster is so much better.


    and their energy drinks are horrible. Monster is so much better.

    That’s probably the main reason why people dislike him.


    All energy drinks are horrible. Unfortunately I don’t think you’ll see a car sponsored by PG Tips any time soon.


    Monza 2010- Vettel was ran long so that he would jump Webber who was currently ahead of him.

    Wait, so it’s a conspiracy now that a team tries to give their driver the best strategy?
    Weird people here…


    @Kingshark I don’t think you can put Monza against Vettel. At what point did it become clear that such a weird strategy would be quicker than a more conventional mid-race pitstop strategy? If they were really favoring Vettel that race – what of his brakes partially engaging for just 2 sectors, just enough for Mark Webber to pass him?


    I like Vettel as a guy. For me, in a strange way since I don’t know either personally, the fact that he gets on with Kimi Raikkonen speaks volumes of him as a person being honest and genuine.

    As an F1 driver, he comes across as having an overgrown sense of entitlement. But then, he has no business-manager so perhaps he always wear those two hats at the same time. And regardless, you don’t get to be world champion without being demanding. I don’t think he’s any different to other drivers there.

    What I dislike about him, is his team. Billionaire buys a team, gets his buddy to run things and installs a puppet to do the talking. Billionaire is entirely entitled to do as he pleases with his money, and if he can attract one of the eminent designers to make the car for him, more power to him. But the “buddy behind the scenes-with puppet” setup annoys me, perhaps more than is reasonable. Like when the puppet gets quoted saying “accountants shouldn’t run F1” when even the biggest spenders of the field Ferrari have agreed to the terms laid out. So clearly the actual spending side of things isn’t the problem.

    Also, they have been caught cheating with a manually adjustable suspension design. I still don’t know why the FIA did nothing in response to that.


    I wasn’t the one to come up with the Monza 2010 conspiracy.

    Nonetheless, I don’t think people dislike Vettel but rather Red Bull in general. Horner and Helmut are people who you can easily dislike just on how they behave. It’s never perfect Seb’s fault, not even Turkey 2010; that and as I said before Red Bull tastes horrible.


    That Monza 2010 conspiracy it’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard since whatever the last stupid F1 conspiracy theory I heard was.


    @Kingshark apologies. But to whoever said that Monza 2010 was a conspiracy – my point still stands.

    I agree with you again though that, due to their own actions as well as otherwise, the characters behind Red Bull aren’t the most likeable you’ll generally find.

    Another thing that I think has affected this is that Red Bull (and Vettel) have achieved such a good car (over 2010 and 2011) and that Vettel dominated 2011 so comprehensively. Inevitably some of the people that were beat would have been the favorites of certain fans. Ferrari, McLaren… Hamilton, Alonso, would obviously all have their own fanbases – and to see someone else dominating over your favorite would undoubtedly be frustrating for anyone, a frustration that has lead people to unite against a common front in Vettel.

    I don’t think it’s Vettel per se that people don’t like either – I think it’s mainly borne out of this frustration


    @keithcollantine I don’t believe the Monza 2010 conspiracy at all as well, but you shouldn’t be so generally against all conspiracies. I’m pretty sure you had a similar opinion on the Singapore 2008 one when you first heard it.


    Nah, you can’t fault a team for trying it’s best to deliver the fastest overall race time for both drivers, if that’s what constitutes a conspiracy then what on earth did you make of Abu Dhabi!

    As for Redbull as a team, I think people are being a little harsh, the fundamental team all have a racing pedigree, In both formula1 and other categories, Alright you may not like Helmut Marko and Deiter Materwotshisface but they are the owners and title sponsors, the purse string holders and financiers of a young driver program. Of course they will have an influence on who drives their car (in the form of Helmut Marko). The team themselves are still a group of Engineers Fished from the Pool of F1 talent. Many still there from the days of Jaguar and possibly even Stewart, trying to design the fastest possible F1 prototype Racing car that they can (within the rules which they always have) and go racing with it. I don’t really understand people’s dislike of Christian Horner either. He seems like a perfectly affable bloke to me who again has a pedigree in motorsport both as a driver and team manager and seems to be good at it. All this without even mentioning Adrian Newey. There is a core of fans who DO dislike dominance I suppose, we saw it throughout the Schumacher years but the painting of them as the evil empire is going too far. For that is the place reserved for McLaren surely ;)



    I don’t really understand people’s dislike of Christian Horner either.

    I have two causes:

    a) He showed many times that he only need one title contender and a good no2, yet he always state his drivers get equal treatment.

    b) I just cant belive anything form that guy after Germany, where he said, that RBs throttlemaps were legal and there is no sutch thing as spirit of the rules, than a day later he said Hamiltons unlapping was not within the spirit of the rules, though he realised it was not a smart thing to say, than he said it was ok.



    But in 2011 Mark was unhappy with the new-for-2011 clutch but Red Bull didn’t do anything about it until Vettel sealed the title, once they changed the system Webbers starts were back to normal.

    Yet the same driver lost places at the start at Australia, Malaysia, Europe, Hungary, Belgium and Italy 2010. Webber himself didn’t and wouldn’t come up with such excuses about the 2011 clutch being to blame for his starts. And dodn’t get me started on your Monza 2010 conspiracy.


    I don’t get why Monza 2010 is a ‘conspiracy’. I never for once said there was some weird conspiracy to sabotage Webber.

    They simply gave Vettel the better strategy in an attempt to get him ahead. It was fairly blatant.

    The same thing happened at the Hungarian GP this year, they pit Webber unnecessary with 8 laps to go so they could pit Vettel and give him a clear run at Grosjean. If they didn’t pit Webber, Vettel would end up either behind him, or slowed by him.

    @David-A Again with the term ‘conspiracy’. There is usually two strategies in Formula 1, one being superior, if one driver always gets put on that strategy there is no conspiracy. A conspiracy is an alien cover up or a faked moon landing. A superior strategy is a ‘reality’.

    And if anyone questions it? Why would they put Vettel on the one stop strategy? Its not so that he would lose time, its because they felt he could gain positions using it. Otherwise they wouldn’t put him on that strategy.


    Boys, boys… can’t we all get along?

    One says yes, one says no. You’ve probably never (and never will) meet each other. Why waste energy fighting one another?

    Let’s agree to disagree, and leave it at that.

    Oh, and get a room you two :P @infi24r @david-a

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