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    I don’t know if a topic has already been started on him, but after reading the latest Autosport article on him I realised how well he has done this year against his team mate and also how much he seems to go unnoticed.

    At the start of the year I had been behind Jaime, but now I can even see Riccardo replacing the young Spaniard, but I hope they don’t do it mid season because in my opinion that really hurts the team’s image.

    Lets be honest, he hasn’t impressed as much as Vettel did in the Toro Rosso, but its not the same car, the 2008 model was much better, so has he really had the chance?

    I was just wondering what everyone else thought of him?


    I started a topic about Buemi vs. Alguersuari some time ago, and I honestly don’t see why people still think that Jaime is better than Sebastien. I’m very impressed by Buemi, and if they were to get rid of him instead of Jaime, then I would have the right to call STR the dumbest team on the field. Buemi has talent, he’s shown it several times before, but because he doesn’t have that party image that Jaime does, people don’t seem to like him.

    All you Pro Alguersuari people look at it this way; do Mark or Seb have that party image? No, and look how good both have done.


    I think Buemi is one the most underrated drivers on the grid. He didn’t look great coming off 2010, but he’s clearly been better than Alguersuari. I don’t see why some still believe that it’s Buemi under pressure at Toro Rosso. Buemi is a bit like Heidfeld, a generally solid driver who many fail to notice, though with Heidfeld it’s the team bosses who don’t notice him. Buemi has done a solid job, he has been creeping up into the points this year, whilst Alguersuari hasn’t even threatened the point scoring positions.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    I don’t see why some still believe that it’s Buemi under pressure at Toro Rosso.

    Because Buemi got distracted by the idea of racing for Red Bull in the near future. There was a lot of speculation about Mark Webber’s future at the time, and Buemi said he wanted the seat. I think he got a little swept up in the notion of driving for such a competitive team, and it hurt his results. He might be faster than Alguersuari, but Alguersuari, at least, focused on his racecraft while Buemi was off with the fairies a little.

    Felipe Bomeny

    Buemi is just mediocre in my opinion, but he is faring well this season. He better keep up the good results before Jean Eric Vergne joins Ricciardo at Toro Rosso- Helmut Marko once said that if Buemi, Alguersuari, Ricciardo, and Vergne went racing side-by-side into a corner, Vergne would emerge the victor.


    I’m not convinced by that.. I seem to remember Alguersuari saying he was after the seat too… He’s had the occasional moments of talent, but overall Buemi has dominated him. Schumi/Rosberg anyone?

    Prisoner Monkeys

    I seem to remember Alguersuari saying he was after the seat too

    Maybe – but unlike Buemi, he kept his feet firmly on the ground in 2010. Buemi has wised up and lifted his game for 2011, but I honestly don’t think either will go to Red Bull when an opening becomes available. For some reason, people have convinced themselves that Red Bull will only take a driver from Toro Rosso, but it’s a myth – Red Bull need a driver who can help them win championships. I think it’s more likely that we’ll see someone like Kobayashi or Rosberg at Red Bull before Buemi or Alguersuari. Besides, Red Bull and Toro Rosso are now linked in name only.


    The situation is strange with Toro Rosso. One of them could be sacked while the other ends up in the championship winning team.

    Buemi is clearly the better driver but Alguersuari brings in more money and seems more “Red Bull” if you get me.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    The situation is strange with Toro Rosso. One of them could be sacked while the other ends up in the championship winning team.

    Did you not read my last post?

    Red Bull are not obligated to take someone from Toro Rosso when one of their seats is freed up. That may have been the case once, but they’ve steadily been going their separate ways. Especially since the loophole that allowed Toro Rosso to run a customer chassis (they did not acquire it from Red Bull, but from “Red Bull Technologies”, a design studio that was able to supply both teams; there were no rules about studios supplying more than oune outfit) was closed.

    On performance alone, there are plenty of drivers who are more likely to join Red Bull than Buemi and Alguersuari.


    Obviously you didn’t read mine PM as you didn’t see the word ‘could’.

    Helmut Marko said the STR guys are first in line at the Red Bull but I’m not sure they will. I think Webber will stay longer anyway, he’s picking up enough points for them to win the constructors title and he’s not troubling Vettel.


    Pretty much what Polishboy said.

    Buemi’s always done fairly well I’ve thought while Jaime has potential and at the end of last year seemed to be coming along quite well but it just seemed to fizzle out. If either has to go then sadly it should be Jaime in my opinion. He was thrown in completely at the deep end but he’s had quite a bit of time now and hasn’t done much against Buemi. He should go into GP2 or a similar series, get some more experience and hopefully he’ll be given another chance one day.


    It seems both of them have phases of being better than the other. This season Buemi has outclassed his team mate however I thought Alguersuari fared better overall last year and it seemed to be Buemi who either crashed out or didn’t make it into Q2. so it’s difficult to tell. The car isn’t amazing so that obviously makes it hard for one or the other shine.

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