Should F1 have a title sponsor?

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    Today’s news that IndyCar has landed a new title sponsor for the 2019 season prompts an obvious question: Should Formula 1 have one?

    It’s not at all uncommon among major motorsport series: IndyCar, NASCAR, Formula E and many others have title sponsors. And it’s not as if Liberty Media couldn’t do with the extra income.

    But would having a title sponsor cheapen F1’s image? And what company would make a good title sponsor? Over to you…


    F1 already has a range of premium companies as partners in DHL, Emirates, Heineken, Pirell and Rolex, I don’t think a single title sponsor is necessary.


    No, Formula 1 is a brand unto itself. I’m recently finding myself more aligned to the McLaren way of thinking: Having another brands name in front of yours devalues your own.

    Having a title sponsor would also significantly limit further sponsorship potential, as GeeMac has already outlined above. It doesn’t make sense to limit the potential of a sport that’s all about pushing limits!


    Nay. I think F1 could move more towards something like the sponsorship arrangements at the World Cup or the Olympic Games, where the major sponsors are prominently visible during, for example, the interviews.

    If F1 had a title sponsor, I have no idea what it could be. None of the largest brands in the world sound really something that would fit both. Coca-Cola Formula 1? Amazon Formula 1? Apple Formula 1? Nah.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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