Silly Season: 2015 F1 Driver Market

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    On second thoughts

    Mercedes: Ham and Ros
    Red Bull: Ric and Kvy
    Williams: Mas and Bot
    Ferrari: Vet and Rai
    McLaren: alo and KMag
    FI: Hulk and Vergne
    STR: Verstappen and Lynn
    Lotus: Gro and Mal
    Sauber: Ericsson and Nasr
    Forza Rosso: Sut and Per

    Bradley Downton

    I had a random idea earlier that I tweeted Crofty, however he only read out one part of it so it didn’t make much sense…

    The thought was, what if Vettel is off to Lotus?

    It’s weird how Lotus haven’t confirmed a second driver yet, Vettel hasn’t confirmed where he’s going and Ferrari haven’t announced Alonso is leaving or Vettel as replacement. It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if Vettel wanted a Mercedes engine but Williams and Mercedes are full and I doubt he’d go to Force India. That leaves Lotus, and we know from the past (as recent as last year) that Team Enstone CAN produce a good car, and this season is likely a one-off. If they manage to produce a 2013 like car next season, with the Mercedes engine, they could be Mercedes’ closest challengers. This leaves Alonso, Button, Magnussen and the now seat-less Grosjean to fight over the McLaren and remaining Ferrari seats. Could Button and Alonso switch leaving Button to join for Ferrari for a final hurrah?

    Personally I’d like to see him return to Williams to go full circle, replacing Felipe Massa. I liked Felipe, but he’s annoyed me this season with stupid comments and he’s performed so under par, and not near Bottas’ level. Button would be much better for the team, shame it won’t happen.


    @Bradley13 – That’s a really interesting thought! It would certainly throw a spanner in the works. I think many people tend to forget about Lotus, and there are so many potential combinations.

    If that were the case, then I’d wager Grosjean perhaps ending up with Mclaren, Button at Ferrari with Alonso. Raikkonen and Kmag fighting over the Mclaren seat.

    I feel like whatever happens now, Button won’t be at Mclaren. It’s no secret that Dennis isn’t a fan Button, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Jenson is fed up of being kept waiting despite doing a great job for them.

    Without rambling on too much longer, I think it’s clear that Alonso and Vettel will be waiting for the Mercedes seat in 2016, which makes the permeatations all the more possible for being surprising.

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, whatever happens, I want there to be an Alonso-Button partnership on the grid in a good car.


    @Bradley13 That’s something I hadn’t even considered.

    That could well make sense, all we have to presume Vettel is going to Ferrari are some vague comments about whats happening with his future.


    Could we see Alonso switch to Lotus (again…) for the same reasons you think Vettel may want to go there. Historical basis for good chassis and the best powerplant avaliable. Makes for the best possible chance of another championship.

    I imagine we should know more in the weeks before/after Abu Dhabi, end of season wrapping things up nicely.


    Among current available drivers, Alonso is the highest in demand, and others seats depends on Alonso’s move. And rest all champions have their seats confirmed.

    Alonso is very smart. He pairs up with drivers of his era and younger champions and proves that he’s the best (and also was best in past). So, he’d want Button to stay from his recent interview. Why? ‘coz he wants to prove he’s better than Button ( both have raced more than a decade)
    He already did with Kimi.

    This implies “Alonso is going to McLaren” but why the delay? ‘coz he probably wants short contract 1) to try McLaren Honda combination, and also 2) beat Button and 3) to evaluate who does best in 2016 – Mercedes, Lotus or Williams and go to that team for 2016 4) he’s getting old.
    What if it doesn’t work out with McLaren deal for short term? That’s why he says “A lot of options” i.e. If short term deal doesn’t workout with McLaren, he probably go Lotus-Mercedes as backup plan,

    What’s next? He knows Lewis wins this championship making him double WC and Maybe want to pair up with Lewis Again (and beat both Lewis as team-mate and show Nico how it’s done while competing with Vettel in Ferrari proving that he’s better than both). And then what? Just retire and move to WEC or something else.

    These are some of my thoughts. Whatever he’s gonna do, his decisions are smart, he’s learned lessons from past. But unfortunate for him, he’s very unlucky with wrong team at wrong time in past. Hope it works out for him this time.

    These are some of pieces of puzzles that fits in a bit. No Audi, No buying a team, Not all other rumours.

    Also he wouldn’t kick Kimi out second time with Ferrari (He knows Stefano Domenicalli is out, Lucas is out, Massa is out, even some aero engineers are out, the whole Ferrari team is changing – For sure he’s leaving Ferrari – Massa wouldn’t have asked “where you’re GOING” – he also knows he’s leaving but where is the question)

    One thing is for sure, he wouldn’t get a chance to drive a RedBull in his career.


    OK how about this …

    F1 Fanatics starts up a fund and successfully buys Marussia. Jenson Button and Jolyon Palmer agree to drive for free. Adidas and Repsol come in as main sponsors, much to Ron Dennis’ annoyance. Ferrari supply engines at very low price.

    F1 Fanatics has great Christmas party with the money we receive from Marussia’s 2 points from Monaco.

    Everybody happy!


    Alonso to Lotus is still very possible. There was rumors not so long ago of him buying into the team and when he said “No” to being in a Mercedes powered car, Lotus hadn’t revealed their power plant change for next year. He has stated he has been working on this decision for a while and that to me says more than going to Mclaren. The only way a Mclaren deal could/would string out for so long is that if was on Alonso’s terms such things as his own team of engineers etc… I don’t see Ron standing for that. Then again it could all revolve around Honda which has been hinted prior. The waiting game continues

    Bradley Downton

    Lotus announced a while ago they were running Mercedes engines next season, and definitely confirmed it before Alonso said he wouldnt be running a Merc engine next year, hence why I’m ruling out Alonso ti Lotus, despite the fact it would make complete sense.


    I’m just going to say that yesterday a reputable source (I think I can consider an portuguese Eurosport WEC and 24H Le Mans commentator a reputable source) that Jenson Button is going to be confirmed as a Toyota WEC driver for next year, tomorrow after the end of the Brazilian GP.

    I have reasons to trust this guy, but let’s wait and see if it’s true.

    R.J. O’Connell

    That’d be a big “get” for Toyota and the WEC.

    Iestyn Davies

    Toyota need a replacement for Lapierre – I thought they would go with Kobayashi. Thus, if they win Le Mans, they can have either Nakajima or Kobayashi (a Japanese Toyota driver) winning it as well.

    But, Button would be a damn good scoop, too. @joao-pedro-cq @rjoconnell


    I read that Sarrazin might go to Nissan as well, so there might be place for two at Toyota… JB joining them would be epic, I’m way more excited about the promise of this rather than him joining Porsche (which was even denied by Porsche). If they would put Davidson, Buemi and Button in one car that would be just pure awesomeness.

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