Silly Season: 2015 F1 Driver Market

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    Nic Morley

    Any news on Alonso in 2015? How about this wild speculation, I seen on another forum.

    “Here’s the deal. A financial group in which Alonso has a stake, supported by Santander appears to be in negotiations to buy out one of the 4 teams currently for sale on the grid. The new team appears to have cut a quiet deal with Mercedes for engines. As part of the package, Alonso’s equity stake in the group would increase based on his performance, such that he could end up as the majority shareholder in 3-4 yrs and then he would run the team as a business following his racing career. This is the “big, ambitious idea” he has in his “head” as he says, and this is how his comment that he would be with a team with a Mercedes engine fits in… this story has been bubbling up in F1 circles even before Singapore, where at the Amber Club everyone was talking about it”.

    Maybe Alonso’s contract with Honda is for engines for ‘Alonso Racing’ in 2016. Maybe Alonso has replaced his third WDC title goal with owning and racing for the team at the same time! :o


    @robocat Source for that?

    Nic Morley

    Someone posted it on the autosport forums, under the Alonso 2015 rumours thread. Not sure how reliable it is but interesting all the same :-p

    Lucas Wilson

    Very interesting indeed.


    What Bernie says, goes, and he said there could be 14 cars on the grid next year.

    Toto Wolff Racing Mercedes Toto Wolf AMG Toto Wolff F1
    Lewis Hamilton
    Nico Rosberg

    Red BS Renault

    Please sir, can I have some more Williams

    Ferrari’s spending extravaganza

    If you can’t spend 100 million on a fine, you’re not McLaren Honda

    Toro Rosso

    I can’t believe it’s not Lotus

    To be honest, who needs Lotus? Maybe having 12 cars would be even more exclusive?

    Iestyn Davies

    They probably see Sutil-Ericsson as an improvement on this year, with Ericsson bringing more cash (or on time) instead of Gutierrez. VDG only has a chance if he can trump either, on cash or pace, but Sutil seems to have the pace from today, and less of a weight problem next year.

    PS. 12 cars.. double it and we have 24 cars. If Red Bull only want 6, then that’s 22… back where we started. 14+1 each = 21 cars…. could have the slowest junior car not qualifying for the race? The next bright idea…

    PPS. Alonso could call his team Hispania, if he was so inclined…. maybe not. What did he want to call his cycling team? And who would he pick for his team-mate?! Felipe? ;) Nasr in at Williams, Massa to Alonso number 2 seat….

    Theo Parkinson

    Nasr to Sauber I believe has just been confirmed in Brazil.

    Theo Parkinson

    Yep Sauber confirmed it.


    Still a bit of an uninspiring lineup in my opinion…

    Nic Morley

    I think it’s a lot more interesting than Sutil and Guiterez. Will be looking forward to seeing Felipe Massa make his debut for Sauber next year… Ergh I mean Felipe Nasr.

    Boxcar Racer

    PPS. Alonso could call his team Hispania, if he was so inclined…. maybe not. What did he want to call his cycling team? And who would he pick for his team-mate?! Felipe? ;) Nasr in at Williams, Massa to Alonso number 2 seat….

    I believe the cycling team was to be call “Fernando Alonso Cycling Team”, so if we take this naming theme over to his proposed racing team it would be called the “Fernando Alonso Racing Team” ;-). So I guess we can all look forward to Alonso driving around in a F.A.R.T next season!!! :-)

    Lucas Wilson

    that’s hilarious!

    Sri Harsha

    F.A.C.T became F.A.R.T in no time at all

    Jason Hough

    What are peoples thoughts about Vettel joining Ferrari…..???
    Can he turn the teams fortunes around?
    Will he build a era like Schumacher managed?

    And what about Kimi…?
    will he be staying to partner Vettel and what needs to be done to get him back to his winning ways?

    I was gutted about Bianchi I thought he may have been in the Ferrari in 2015/16 and I think he would have done well.


    Plot twist:

    Button, Alonso and Vettel all go to WEC for 2015, driving a customer Audi.

    Plot twist #2:

    Sauber has signed Sutil, van der Garde, Ericsson and Nasr because they are awaiting Forza Rossa, to sell them Adrian and Giedo in exchange for their 2014 car.

    (Brought to you by ‘so mad it could feature on TheJudge13’)

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