Silly Season – 2019 (for the 2020 season)

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    Who drives for which team in 2020? These are pure predictions/speculation and just for good fun.

    My prediction is that we won’t see that many changes this year:

    Mercedes: Hamilton + Bottas
    Ferrari: Vettel + Leclerc
    RedBull: Verstappen + Albon
    Renault: Ricciardo + Ocon
    McLaren: Sainz + Norris
    Torro Rosso: Kvyat + Gasly
    Alfra Romeo: Raikkonen + Giovinazzi / Wehrlein
    Haas: Magnussen + Hulkenberg
    Racing Point: Perez + Stroll
    Williams: Russell + Latifi

    So out with Kubica, Grosjean and perhaps Giovinazzi and in with Ocon, Latifi and perhaps Wehrlein. What are your predictions?

    Ben Needham

    Looking at it pragmatically, the following are set in stone (barring anything spectacularly unexpected happening):

    Mercedes: Hamilton & ?
    Ferrari: Vettel & Leclerc
    Red Bull: Verstappen & ?
    McLaren: Sainz & Norris
    Renault: Ricciardo & ?
    Alfa Romeo: Raikkonen & ?
    Haas: ? & ?
    Toro Rosso: ? & ?
    Racing Point: Stroll & ?
    Williams: Russell & ?

    That leaves half the grid up for grabs. I think it’s fair to guess that Albon, Kvyat and Gasly will slip back into the remaining Red Bull seats. I’m going to guess that Albon will get to keep the big drive alongside Verstappen. This would leave Gasly and Kvyat in the Toro Rosso.

    The biggest question is obviously over Bottas. I think he’ll be let go by Mercedes in favour of Ocon and will be unwilling to join say Racing Point or Williams as it’s a clear step down. That leaves Renault or Haas if he wants to stay in F1.

    I think Alfa Romeo will give Giovinazzi another season as there aren’t really any other options without going pretty left field, or if Mick Schumacher has another stunning second half of the season (like in F3). Perez is making a lot of noise about staying with Racing Point

    Haas will surely keep Magnussen as I can’t see them getting rid of both drivers. Grosjean has likely outstayed his welcome and I could see him leaving, with Hulkenberg taking his drive and Bottas sliding in at Renault.

    There’s too much noise around Latifi at Williams for it to not have some traction, so I’d place him there alongside Russell.

    So, this is my guess:

    Mercedes: Hamilton & Ocon
    Ferrari: Vettel & Leclerc
    Red Bull: Verstappen & Albon
    McLaren: Sainz & Norris
    Renault: Ricciardo & Bottas
    Alfa Romeo: Raikkonen & Giovinazzi
    Haas: Magnussen & Hulkenberg
    Toro Rosso: Gasly & Kvyat
    Racing Point: Stroll & Perez
    Williams: Russell & Latifi

    The net result being Grosjean and Kubica leave, Ocon returns and Latifi joins.

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