Sky F1 coverage in 2012

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    I took today off work to watch the race weekend build-up
    Must say i was impressed with their coverage and access
    Wondering what other fans thought


    Sodding ads, at least they aren’t too long and we won’t have them in quali or race. The actual coverage itself is top-notch, they poached from the BBC and left them with Eddie and his shirts, which, while highly amusing, got a bit bland after a while.


    Well their practice coverage has much more than the BBC’s coverage had, I’ve just finished watching the FP2 replay and the F1 Show so I’ve had an enjoyable evening. One complaint I do have though is that there was still a lot of the ‘Gift Shop Sketch’ thing still going on, every few minutes it seems there was a VT about how we can watch Sky F1.

    I also have to say I’m not totally sold on Simon, Martin and Damon yet, they don’t seem to fit together well at the moment although things may change. Right now Jake, Eddie and DC are the best lineup. Speaking of the BBC, I watched half of FP1 on Sky and then listened to the rest on the ol’ wireless and to my surprise they had Ben Edwards in the commentary box! He sounded much better than James Allen in FP2.


    Sky shouldn’t have got it….The BBC is add free, now you gotta have sky sports to watch it…annoys me


    @sarahstar You don’t need Sky Sports, just the Sky HD package.

    The BBC couldn’t afford it and I doubt any other terrestrial platform could have afforded it.


    Ads are a pain, but the coverage is great, I can’t believe they’ve even got Martin and Damon doing bits on the practice shows. I’m starting to think having so much coverage over the weekend is going to wear thin a bit quick but when that time comes I’ll just watch the last practice, quali and race like I always did.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    Sodding ads, at least they aren’t too long and we won’t have them in quali or race.

    Ads are a pain

    Oh, spare me. Really. I know some of my comments on the Sky-BBC deal have been unpopular and oftentimes controversial, but this is just ridiculous. You’re getting uninterrupted coverage of qualifying and the race. I can’t think of many stations that can boast that. Here in Australia, we’re still getting ads in the middle of qualifying and the race. As far as I’m concerned, you’ve still got it good.


    @prisoner-monkeys But you aren’t paying for that coverage, are you?

    Prisoner Monkeys

    No, I’m not. But, as has been previously established, practice doesn’t mean much. If you take a thirty-second ad break when nobody is on the circuit, what have you really missed out on? Qualifying and the race are live and uninterrupted. That’s the important stuff.

    Colossal Squid

    I loved the BBC coverage the last few years, it’s taking me a while to get used to the very ‘Sky’ way of doing things. I still expect Jeff Stelling or Gary Neville to pop up! It’s great so far, I have to say everything is very slick and it’s an entire channel dedicated to F1. My 10 year old self would be amazed this has happened.
    On the down side I don’t think it will ever have the charm or personality of the BBC guys.

    Ryan Williams

    What’s wrong with an ad break every 20 or so minutes? It gives you a chance to put the kettle on without missing anything! And there are NO ads during qualifying or the race anyway!

    Toro Stevo

    At least you don’t have to put up with the Qantas lounge or the “Australia’s Mark Webber” show.


    I agree that the most important thing is that there are no adverts during qualifying or the race. But there are still things missed during practice sessions due to the advert breaks. Only the most hardcore of fans would worry about missing them – but that’s what a lot of people on this website are. I find it hurts the commentary more than anything else, as whatever interesting discussion was going on has to be interrupted. Sometimes the most interesting pieces of insight, on 5Live for example, come when there is nothing happening on the track so the commentators have freedom to discuss whatever they want.


    I don’t want to sound rude but could I borrow a skyid.

    sbl on tour

    as much as I like damon hill as a driver, hes a bit boring as an analyist

    ant , youre much better than that, what is that sky thingy with georgie all about, the bit where you showed alonso going off was totally and uterlly naff

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