Sky explain cheapest deal for F1 channel

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    Prisoner Monkeys

    this article from the Daily Mail which claimed – incorrectly, as it turned out

    Is anybody surprised by this?

    Didn’t think so.


    If you are buying a new Sky subscription apparently you can get £100 off your first year via Topcashback:



    It’s worth keeping an eye on deals from websites like Quidco.com too. You can usually get at least £100 cash back for a 12 month subscription. Never order from someone in a shopping centre as they are just bagging this cash.

    As for the assertion that £363 for a 12 month subscription is a bad deal, I think this is ludicrous. £363 for someone to install a satelite dish, wire it to your living room and give you a Sky decoder box along with 12 months of television is great value.

    Do you expect Sky to incurr this considerable cost for you to be able to order 1 channel at a low price?! The cost of installation and hardware is offset over the 12 months.

    If you want to watch all races live next year then sign up to Sky, there are lots of deals about. If you don’t think it’s worth £30 a month (exluding deals) then don’t sign up. It’s simple economics, if you think it’s worth the cost then buy, otherwise don’t. Moaning doesn’t get you anywhere.


    This seems so wasteful to me. How could anyone need over 200 channels?! I’d never be able to justify spending that amount of money as I probably watch about 20 minutes of TV per week besides F1. It’s so expensive because you get so much for it, but there should definitely be a deal for people who want to buy one Sky channel. I’m not even in the UK so this doesn’t affect me, but it still winds me up.


    It takes a Sky technician under and hour to install the dish. The dish itself would cost Sky no more than £10, and the basic decoder box not much more.

    Bear in mind also that Sky only ever has to install the dish once per house. Most people are going to be subscribing to Sky for several years. In the end, to cost of installation and decoders would almost be negligible compared to the huge profits they make from subscriptions.

    £363 is a ludicrous amount of money if all you want is one channel. And if that channel is only broadcasting for 3 days a week (which it effectively will be- who’s buying Sky for “classic GPs”?), it’s even worse.

    And it’s no good saying that you get another 200 channels for that price. I watch very little television, and even if I could afford Sky, I guarantee that I would never watch it.

    I’d be happy to PAY for installation and a Sky box, if it meant that I could subscribe on a monthly basis (or even annually) to only the F1 channel. But would Sky do this? Will they hell…


    For those on Virgin, the only news is virtully no news. The statement is
    “Customer News

    Sky announces new Formula 1 channel

    Sky announced today that it will be creating a new channel devoted to Formula 1, after Sky Sports and the BBC were awarded the rights to broadcast Formula 1 in the UK from 2012 to 2018, back in July.

    We always want to give you the best TV line up, so we’re talking to Sky about acquiring this channel.

    The new Formula 1 season doesn’t kick off until March next year, so there’s a while before the action starts up. We’ll be updating this page as soon as we have more information for you, so check back here for the latest news.”


    @keithcollantine Thank you for making the call on our behalf. I’m not a fan of sitting on the line and chatting to call centres.

    At the moment, I’m a VirginMedia customer. No Sky Sports, just the TV XL package. I’ve no idea if VirginMedia will acquire the F1 package. No idea if they do, for what price and what package I’ll need to have to get it. I may already qualify to get it with the TV XL package, but I’ve no idea.

    They are negotiatiing as @W-K has stated above. (I have a link to that page at home.)
    So I’m in limbo. I cannot just jump ship, as I may or may not already be getting the channel for free or for a cheaper cost than changing totally to Sky.

    In reality I cannot afford to switch from VirginMedia to Sky to add on the F1 channel. I’m just praying for a miracle deal with VirginMedia.
    VirginMedia TV XL does give me a lot of channels including ESPN America / Motors TV and loads of HD channels. So maybe that’ll be enough, but I have a feeling that this will be another Sky1 argument between the 2 corporations. Where Sky put in a silly price for VirginMedia to buy F1 channel, so VirginMedia threaten to pull their channels from Sky.


    @Chalky I can’t imagine they’ll allow it to be any cheaper on Virgin than it is on their own channel.


    I’ve got to say I’m digusted by the whole debacle. Feel the BBC, those running it and those attacking it as an institution have let us down. Going to be streaming what races I’m able to watch next year (going to be away for most of it). Sky are a hideos coporation with awful partners and I’ll never give any of them a penny if I can help it.

    It’s a shame but I guess I’ll be watching a lot less F1 from here on out. Never thought I’d say that but to be honnest I’m so gutted by the whole thing I feel kind of apathetic to next season anyway. More than that, I’d expect this to be the begining of the end anyway, Sky will keep increasing their grip till they’ve got it all.


    Im fine till I move out, cos Im not buying Sky just to watch F1. No matter what way you look at it, unless you want everything in the package, £363 for 19 races or just 1 channal is insane. Insane. Christ, I can make a tank of Diesel last around 4 weeks (I do around 100miles p/week) and thats costing around £80 fillups. My Euro-lottery numbers better come up tomorrow! I dont have the worst outgoings compared to some, and I know I cant afford this package.

    I eagerly look forward to seeing the audience figures for Australian GP next year.



    As much as I dislike the situation, I actually don’t blame the BBC, or even Sky. The BBC has had to make cut-backs, and I understand why they had to part-drop F1; if it wasn’t F1, it would be something else.

    As for Sky, I too will never give them a penny of my money so long as I can help it. I consider Sky a rip-off at the best of times, let alone this F1 business which is daylight robbery. But they’re a business, and as much as I hate to say it, Sky will probably do pretty well out of F1.

    No, I blame FOM and Bernie. Ultimately it’s FOM’s responsibility to keep F1 free-to-air, and they’ve failed in that. Last year the BBC paid £45M for the F1 rights- that’s a lot of money, sure. But when you consider that Bernie Ecclestone’s personal wealth could fund this 35 TIMES OVER (let alone FiA/FOM as a whole), it really pales into insignificance.

    If FOM really wanted to keep F1 free-to-air, they could. Even if that meant losing out partially in the short-term, more audience = more profit in the long-term.

    Lord Stig

    The scenario here with Sky is rather interesting. In the United States, for example, content production is for the most part independent of the content providers. For example, SPEED channel, the content producer, is a subsidiary of FOX, which is a subsidiary of News Corp (they also own Sky). Content providers such as Comcast, Dish Network, and DIRECTV are their own entities and pay SPEED to provide the channel to their subscribers. In your situation Sky is both the producer and the provider. They do it would appear sell their content out to Virgin Media as well, but that is beside the point. In terms of price it does not seem to make a difference as Sky would be about 567 USD or 47.25 USD per month and I don’t have the numbers at the moment but SPEED probably is not that far off.

    As some have pointed out what you get for your 363 pounds is a lot more than 1 F1 channel. So I would say that trying to say you pay x pounds per hour or race is just not true. Of course the ideal scenario would be for Sky to provide a lower cost F1 only subscription. However, while it probably would be cheaper it would be pretty expensive for what you are getting (1 channel). Also I am sure in that case they would make you pay for all the equipment, etc. I doubt this is going to happen. While its pretty clear BSkyB is making a healthy income based on their Income Statement I think some of the attacks on them are a bit much. I know F1 was basically free to view on the BBC but if they can’t afford to broadcast it or want to allocate resources differently you can’t blame Sky for it.



    I don’t think you’ve paid for many tradesmen by the hour if you think that doesn’t cost! Mine was there for closer to two hours. Also, if the boxes cost a similar amount to Virgin boxes (which I do know the cost of) then you are way off with your estimations. If you go back 15 years, you had to pay for all of these things up front when you signed up to Sky and it cost several hundred pounds then.

    You are only asked to sign up for 12 months, the pricing has to cover that period as you are free to cancel after that.

    Whether you watch 1 channel or 200 channels is not the point. What’s for sale is a range of channels and you can choose to watch what you want. I don’t go into the supermarket, take out a box of biscuits and moan because I can’t buy just the ones I want. They’re sold as a box, just like Sky is sold as a package and you can choose to buy or not.

    At £7 per week it is not expensive. A little over £5 per week if you get a £100 cash back off offer as I did. If someone really wants to watch every race live then they can sacrafice a few pints or some other luxury every week. It’s their choice to decide whether F1 is worth that.

    I watch a lot of boxing and there are currently 5 pay channels which show live coverage. Add to that several pay per view events per year. I don’t blame TV channels for this, I’d prefer if they were all on terestrial television but simple economics shows that that isn’t possible. I simple work out what I can afford to pay for and what I think is worth paying for. Simple. Moaning that you don’t get something for free any more doesn’t get you anywhere. You need to live in the real world.



    The majority of installations take less than an hour, but that’s beside the point. I’m not saying that the cost of installation/box/dish is CHEAP, however when compared to their subscription profits, it’s not much at all.

    Whilst the minimum contract length in 12 months, Sky are gambling on the fact that the vast majority of people stay subscribed for several years.

    And the fact that some people only want 1 channel out of 200 is EXACTLY the point. If you want 200 channels are are willing to pay however-many hundreds of pounds a year it is, then fine, you’re getting a good deal. But if all you want is a single channel, it’s just a waste of money.

    If I walk into a cash-and-carry to buy a bottle of wine, and I’m told, “sorry, you have to buy a crate of 200 bottles”, I’d be an idiot to buy the crate if all I want is one bottle. I’m not moaning, I’m simply pointing out that Sky’s subscription is “all or nothing”, and nowhere in between.

    But this is not a complaint as such. I don’t like what is happening, and I wish, like everyone, that F1 was staying with the BBC. But I don’t blame Sky either, as I pointed out in my more recent post.

    £7 a week may not be expensive for you, but it is for me. Put aside for a minute that I have no desire to give Sky a penny of my money, £363 per year is totally unjustifiable for me at the moment- I simply can’t afford it, even with £100 cash back.


    How can you say the majority take a certain time unless you are a Sky technician! I sincerely doubt you would get any change out of £200 if you had to pay for the service to be installed yourself. Anyone who’s ever called out a tradesman in their life can see that.

    What is in it for Sky to sell 1 channel? Their costs are the same whether you watch one or 200 channels. The amount of channels gives a choice and caters for all types of people. You happen to be only interested in F1. Sky don’t change my monthly charge just because I only watch the same 10 channels, several of those being terrestrial channels.

    I initially subscribed as I wanted to watch my other sporting love, boxing. I had a choice to make, was boxing worth the subscription to Sky and the Sky Sports package. It all came down to whether I wanted to spend money to watch boxing and sacrifice other things or not watch any boxing. Many F1 fans will have to make the same choice.

    Sky’s subscription is not “all or nothing” either. The basic package is £20 per month. I’ve managed to somehow end up paying a ridiculous £72.50 per month although this does include telephone, broadband and 4 out of the 6 packages. I’ve thought about dropping it many times but it comes down to how much I value the service sky gives me and is it better than their competitors. The answer has always (somewhat begrudgingly) been that it is worth the price.

    I don’t have to pay for it but I choose to do so. I’d prefer to have that money in my pocket each month but it’s my choice to have Sky instead. If you can’t afford £7 per week then I sympathise with you but Sky aren’t a charity and you still get 10 races live and rest on a highlights package on the beep.

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